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Facebook Guide 101: How to edit Scheduled Posts on Facebook in 2024?


How To Edit Scheduled Posts On Facebook

You may have used them before and are now using them more frequently, but you should replace one or two of them.

The ability to “alter” a scheduled post was recently made available by Facebook, however, for me, it first didn’t function.

I observed that they temporarily removed the option and that when it was restored, it was functional.

For your Facebook page or group, you can keep a consistent tone and posting schedule by creating a content calendar.

Additionally, scheduling your articles in advance can spare you the anxiety of posting in the moment.

Before we get into how to edit your scheduled Facebook posts, let’s cover why we would use scheduled Facebook posts, to begin with.

Many people don’t agree with social media automation, so scheduling posts is almost like committing a cardinal sin, and at one point, I might have been one of those people, but as my business has grown, and I have more than one client, I can see the positive side of automation.

It enables you to schedule a few posts throughout the day, and check in during times when work isn’t as heavy.

This is still genuine interaction, and as long as you are engaging with your audience and their responses, I don’t see any problems with doing this.

Here are the steps for scheduling a post on Facebook, monitoring your schedule, and editing postings after they have been published.

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How to schedule a post on a Facebook page?

image via Hootsuiteblog

You must be the page manager in order to schedule a post from that page on Facebook.



On the Facebook website and the Facebook Business Suite mobile app, follow these instructions.

From the Facebook website on a desktop browser:

1. Go to the Facebook Website and log in to your account. 

2. From the Facebook homepage, click Pages in the sidebar menu on the left. 

3. Under Pages you manage, click the page you want to post in.

4. Once on your page, scroll down in the sidebar menu on the left and click Publishing Tools. You’ll be taken to the Facebook Business Suite site. 

5. In the top-right corner of Facebook Business Suite, click Create Post. 

6. On the left side of the pop-up, type your post in the Text field. 

7. Underneath the Text field, you can also add media or a location. 

8. Click the blue downward-facing arrow next to the blue Publish button in the bottom-right corner of the window once you’ve finished writing your message.

9. Click Schedule Post in the pop-up. 

10. In the small pop-up window, select a date and time for your scheduled post and hit save.

11. Your post will be automatically published at the time and date you specify if you click Schedule Post in the bottom right corner of the window.

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You can view your planned posts from the Facebook Business Suite’s Posts page by selecting the Scheduled option in the page’s middle.




Click the three horizontal dots symbol next to the post details next to a scheduled post to edit it.

Editing a scheduled Facebook post with Creator Studio.

image via Hoostsuiteblog

Facebook’s Creator Studio is a tool for scheduling your social media posts for Instagram and Facebook.


You can access each of your posts from here and edit the one you’ve scheduled.

Follow these steps:


1. Log in to Creator Studio using the account where you scheduled the content. 
2. In the left column, click Pre-Published/Scheduled, and in the options displayed, tap All.
3. Creator Studio will show you all the posts you’ve scheduled. Next, click Edit Post.
4. Now you can tweak everything you need on your scheduled post: text, links, photography, etc.
5. Click Save, and you’re all set.

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Why is Facebook not publishing my scheduled posts?

Your publishing schedule is probably set to Publish like a human if your social media posts are published within 10 minutes of the scheduled time but not at the scheduled time.

What is post scheduling on Facebook?

Pick a day and time for your post to go live in the “Schedule Post” window. After that, click “Schedule” at the bottom to preserve your changes. Click “Schedule Post” to return to the “Create Post” window. The end of that. At the chosen time and date, Facebook will now automatically publish your post on your page.

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