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TikTok Guide 101: How to Find a TikTok You Lost[2024]

A TikTok user has offered a smart approach to discovering films that have been swallowed up by the app.

TikTok posts have a tendency to get lost: the app routinely refreshes itself, for one, meaning that a good post can just disappear from the feed before users have viewed or shared it.





Furthermore, because the app scrolls through content so quickly, it can be challenging or impossible to discover a video later on.



Despite these problems, it is difficult to locate your watch history so that you can skim through those old messages.





Numerous reports propose a detour that involves asking personal data from the app and then reviewing it, but that process is time-consuming and must be repeated each time.





However, a TikTok user just disclosed a really simple method for retrieving an old movie from history.













All it takes is the judicious use of the app’s search function. A video was posted on TikTok by user rachforaday describing a simple solution to the problem.





It demonstrates how videos may be accessed with just one quick search and are captioned “here’s how to find that TikTok that you accidentally refreshed.”





All you have to do is navigate to the discover page, which can be reached by selecting one of the menu options from the app’s menu buttons at the bottom.






Once you’ve done that, type an asterisk (the * character), press “search,” choose a filter, and then switch the “watched video” option to “on.”





It will find anything if there is an asterisk.






The videos you have seen over the past seven days, including some you may have lost and wish to locate again, are all displayed on the results page.






The more difficult method involves asking TikTok for your personal information in order to obtain your viewing history.

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This is accomplished by launching the app, going to your profile, selecting “privacy,” selecting “personalization and data,” and then selecting “download your data.”

After selecting the delivery method, you can submit the request.






TikTok will then need to approve it, which could take up to a day.







Once that is finished, you can download the file, though it will only contain a list of links to different videos, making it challenging to sort through them.






You will also have to search through the file to find the browsing history.








How to see your watch history on TikTok

Tap the menu symbol on your profile and select “Settings and privacy” to view your TikTok watch history.

Once in your settings, select “Watch history” to view the TikTok videos you’ve recently watched during the previous seven days.

In March 2022, TikTok included a “Watch history” function so that users could quickly locate the videos that had been shown on their “For You” tab.





Before that, you had to go through a drawn-out and challenging procedure of downloading your data file in order to view your watch history.






Since the feature is still in beta testing, not everyone has access to it.





If you don’t have the functionality, you can either wait for it to be implemented or switch to the second approach.




1. Go to your settings



Firstly, open the TikTok app and log in to your account.




Tap on the “Profile” icon on the bottom navigation bar to go to your profile.




Once you’re on your profile, tap on the menu icon in the top right corner.

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After you’ve tapped on the menu icon, tap on “Settings and privacy”.




2. Tap on “Watch history

After you’ve tapped on “Settings and privacy”, the “Settings and privacy” page will open.




The page offers numerous options, including push notifications and account management.





Up until you reach the “Watch history” icon, scroll down.




To access your TikTok watch history, tap “Watch history” (if this option isn’t available, try the second way).




3. View your TikTok watch history



You will arrive at the “Watch history” screen after tapping “Watch history.”




You can view your TikTok watch history for the previous 7 days here.




This includes the videos on your TikTok and “For You” page.




Touching the gear symbol will allow you to manage your watch history.




Your history can be enabled, disabled, or cleared there.





image via Alphr


How to see your watch history on TikTok before 7 days

1. Go to your TikTok profile and tap on the menu icon.




2. Tap on “Settings and privacy”.



3. Select “Privacy”.




4. Scroll down and tap on “Download your data”.




5. Tap on “Request data” and wait for 24 hours.




6. After 24 hours, tap on the “Download data” tab.




7. Tap on “Download”.




8. Log in to your existing TikTok account.




9. Tap on “Download” again.




10. Open the file and navigate to “Video browsing history”.




11. Copy and paste each video’s URL on into the URL field of a browser to watch them.

Using the method above, you’ll be able to see your TikTok watch history before 7 days (even months or years ago!).




You might need to confirm your account after logging in.

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You must confirm your Facebook account, for instance, if you logged in using Facebook.




Tap the “Verify and Download” button to validate your account.




Remember that you will have up to 4 days to download your data.




The file will expire after 4 days and you will need to request a copy of your data once again.


Several “.txt” files are available for opening after the zip file has been opened.



On iOS devices, the “Files” app can be used to open the “Video browsing history” file (it can take a while to load).




Send the file to yourself through email, WhatsApp, or Google Drive and open it on a computer if you are unable to access it.




Simply copy a video’s link and paste it into a browser’s URL field to view it.




You can use any browser for this—Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.







On occasion, a video on your “For You” tab will stand out among the others.




It’s challenging to locate it again if you accidentally refreshed your “For You” page or forgot to like it.




Thankfully, TikTok lets users ask for a copy of their data.




You can search through your viewing history in the data file to discover that particular video.




Beginning in early 2022, TikTok introduced the “Watch history” function, which enables you to view the videos you’ve watched over the previous seven days.




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