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TikTok Guide 101: How to Find Liked Videos on TikTok

Tiktok offers a variety of educational, entertaining, and practical information. If you enjoy the material, you can watch it again later. But are you having problems locating the videos you like?




If you are a novice, it may be difficult to locate your favorite videos. However, it is not a major cause for concern. There are numerous ways to store films and content from TikTok. Such as by saving the video, adding them to your favorites, or showing your approval.





Let’s find out where the most popular videos are for the time being. Because TikTok maintains track of your favorite videos, viewing them is extremely simple. To learn how to see your favorite videos and more, read the article!







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How Do I See My Liked Videos?

You can help your favorite content creators by liking and sharing their videos. More of their videos will show up on the for you tab as more of you like them. Let’s now look at how to see those popular videos. In reality, doing so is fairly simple.

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These are the actions:



1. Open TikTok.



2. At the bottom of the page, you will see a menu bar with different options.




3. Click on Me/Profile.




4. You will see another menu bar in the middle of your profile page.




5. Now, click on the Heart Icon on the menu bar.




Here, all of the videos you’ve liked will be automatically filtered by date.






Your most recent liked video will be displayed at the top of TikTok.



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Who Can View Your Liked Videos?

When you first log into your TikTok account, the default setting for your liked videos is private. Your favorite videos can only be viewed by you. TikTok will hide your favorite videos and display a message such as “This user’s liked videos are private” if someone tries to watch them.

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By accessing the settings, you can still make changes. Change your privacy settings as described below to allow everyone to see the videos you like:


1. Go to TikTok.



2. On the bottom menu bar, click on Me/Profile.



3. You’ll be directed to your profile. You can notice a heart icon with a crossed eye here on the center menu bar. The crossed eye denotes that other users who browse your profile cannot see the liked videos.



4. Click on the Three Lines in the top right corner of your profile.


5. Now, go to Settings and Privacy.



6. Go to Privacy.




7. Scroll down and click on Liked Videos.



8. Now select who can watch your liked videos. You will have two options here. Choosing everyone will make your liked videos public.

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How to See Likes on My Videos?

Your TikTok video itself displays your likes, comments, bookmarked posts, and shares. You can view the videos you’ve liked in the same manner that you can view the videos of others.


1. Open your TikTok.



2. Go to one of your videos from your profile.



3. Look at the Heart Icon on the right side of your video. The likes on your video are indicated by the numbers beneath the heart emblem. Check each video now to discover which one has the most likes to determine your level of fame.






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Kwesi Afful
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