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Tiktok Guide 101: How To Get Views On Tiktok


How To Get Views On Tiktok

Everyone is trying to crack the code on how to blow up their TikTok account and we’re here to break down the winning formula for you.





Just like all other social media platforms, TikTok has an algorithm that determines how many people will see your post.


The key to getting more views is understanding how the algorithm works and making high-quality content that feeds into it.





This means the customization of the content of your videos, the hashtags, and the descriptions.

What Exactly is a TikTok “View”?


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Every social media network has a unique definition of a view.




On TikTok, for instance, a view is counted as soon as your video starts playing.




And each of those sessions will be counted as views if the viewer sees it a second, third, or even more times.



As you can see, obtaining views is not particularly difficult.




It’s a different story, though, if you want people to watch your videos all the way through.



How Much Do You Get Per View on TikTok?



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The TikTok Creator Fund was introduced in 2020, and it formally enables the most well-known and successful users of the app to profit from their content.





Although there is no predetermined cost or set payment schedule, TikTok pays between $0.02 and $0.04 for every 1,000 views.




So obviously, the more views you get for a video, the more money you can make.





However, in order to join the Creator Fund, there are a few requirements you need to meet:

• You must be 18 years or older.


• You need a minimum of 10,000 followers.


• You have to have had a minimum of 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.


• You must live in the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain, or Italy.


• Your account must meet the Guidelines and Terms of Service as set out by the TikTok Community.


Don’t worry if you don’t think you can accomplish this.

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There are numerous additional possibilities to monetize this app.





You could, for instance, work with a company you like and get paid to promote their goods (and the opposite is possible if you’re a company trying to market your items), or you could just promote your goods using your TikTok account.




How Do You Get More TikTok Views?



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Whatever your motivation for using TikTok, one thing is certain: the more views you receive, the more engagement.





Of course, some people have advised you to purchase views, but regardless of the social media network you’re contemplating, this is typically never a good idea.



Yes, your view count will initially soar, but over time, most people discover that their engagement levels decline and their number of followers doesn’t even rise.




Use these tips instead, invest some effort, and your view metrics will start to improve.




1. Use Hashtags

This is a very potent tool since the TikTok algorithm uses hashtags to recognize and classify the topics you post about so that it can suggest them to users who might be interested.





You may also have a peek at the hottest subjects right now and use those hashtags to join the discussion.


2. Hop on Those Sound Effect Trends

On Tiktok, trends aren’t limited to the hashtag section.





Many of the songs experience bursts of extreme popularity, such as Supalonely by Benee or Say so by Doja Cat.




Here is how to incorporate popular sounds into your tiktok video



Step 1: To begin, tap “+”

Step 2: Select “Sounds” at the top of your screen

Additionally, you can search for Sounds on TikTok’s Discover Page.




To find “Sounds,” just type the song’s name into the search bar and scroll.



Based on user activity, video sharing, and of course plays, the TikTok algorithm decides which songs are popular.



Step 1: Browse the sound library, then tap the sound and select it

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Step 2: Record your video, and your chosen sound will play as you film


3. Do a Duet

No, we are not recommending that you collaborate on a TikTok video.




You can share a split-screen with another video with this function; the other video can be one you created or one created by another user.





On the opposite side of the screen, you can sing along, give a review, or even act out a humorous conversation, depending on the video you’re playing.





The beautiful thing about this concept is that it allows you to employ material whose popularity you already know, making it simple to increase views.





Consider the Canadian shoe manufacturer Vessi, which is well-known for producing waterproof footwear and performing brilliantly on TikTok as a result of the company’s clever usage of Duet to produce viral films and reach a wider audience.




One of the business’s most effective campaigns was the Duet giveaway.



This is a simple but extremely powerful strategy – a Duet with your followers, in which you showcase your products while also giving them the chance to win free products.



It’s a win-win situation. You get to reach a wider audience and show off your incredible products, while your followers get to win free prizes.





4. Target the Right Audience

Targeting a certain subgroup of TikTok users enables you to establish consistency and a tone of voice that connects with your audience, which is something you should always keep in mind.



Once you are aware of this, you can search for other accounts or communities to learn more about their content, hashtags, and other features.





Use this as a model for your own TikTok account after that.


5. Choose your Caption Wisely

True, you only have 150 characters to work within a TikTok caption.





Although it isn’t much, it is sufficient to draw in your viewers and persuade them to watch your movie.




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Additionally, your caption is a great place to start a discussion with your audience in the comments section.





The more interaction you can elicit from your audience, the better, especially for the TikTok algorithm.


6. Promote Your TikTok Videos on All Your Social Media Accounts


You probably use more than one social media site, whether you use TikTok for personal or professional purposes.




But let’s say TikTok is only a part of your marketing plan.





Then, you should definitely share your TikTok video on your other channels so that more of your fans will see it.







7. Get Viewers to Watch Your Whole Video

Whether someone views the first two seconds of your film or the entire thing, a view is still a view.






However, it’s crucial to convince people to watch your complete film.





This is seen favorably by the TikTok algorithm, which increases the likelihood that your videos will be recommended on the For You Page.







So how can you make your videos more memorable?

Ahead of time, think about including subtitles that provide context for your video and information that invites people to Duet, stich, or remark.




By including a call to action, you may do this in both the video and the caption.



In your description, pose inquiries and invite readers to leave comments.





When they do so, engage them in conversation.





To keep readers returning to your comment section, add something worthwhile to the discussion as opposed to making brief, one-word remarks.



Take a look at how well Walmart does it.




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