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WhatsApp Hacks

How to install two WhatsApp on your iPhone device. When it comes to operating software complications most people can attest to the fact iOS beats it all. Users have less access to system files and penetrating their market can be very difficult. But there is an amazing way that gives you the chance to get what you need without wasting so much on another phone.



iPhone is very expensive as compared to the others and therefore buying another phone for another WhatsApp will cost you more. To every problem, there is a solution and that is why I will show you how to install two WhatsApp on iPhone with different numbers.

  • The first step is to go to your Appstore, and make sure to sign in to your iCloud account.
  • Search for WhatsApp and click install


Here is the second part;

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It is self-installation once you download it. Wait for it to finish and go to your settings, then to general.

  • Select profile in your general options (the name of the profile may differ but to see that you will find app valley in the section)

Click “trust” and you are good to go

  • Now visit your app valley app and search for “WhatsApp” in the search button
  • Locate the “WhatsApp++” and click install. Since it’s a third-party app it will take a while.

Wait for a few minutes and then it will install automatically.

  • Now go back to settings, then general, click a profile, and select trust” when you see the “WhatsApp app”


There you go. You have two working WhatsApp on one iPhone. Register with your desired number and you are ready to go.




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How to transfer data from iPhone to android.

It can be hectic at the time trying to backup/transfer your data on your iPhone to Android.

Especially when it comes to contact and WhatsApp backup.

Here is the way out…

  • Sign in to your iCloud account, make sure to link your iCloud account to your desired Gmail account
  • Get to your android phone and sign in to the Gmail in which you linked the iCloud
  • Make sure you sync contact and details from the Gmail account.

Now here is how to go about getting your WhatsApp back up. But the reality is not all android phones can support this software. https://drfone.wondershare.com/phone-switch.html

Click the link to download. It enables you to easily transfer all contact both in phone memory and cloud account, like iCloud, Exchange and others, text messages, videos, photos, and music from iPhone (iPhone 6S Plus/iPhone 6S included) to Android phone or tablet.

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This method works best on iPhone 6, 6S, 6Splus, 7, 7 plus, etc. with other android phones, especially Samsung.


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