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How To Make Tiktok Videos.

Even if you once thought of TikTok as just a platform for lip-syncing teenagers, it’s difficult to deny that the app has significantly gained popularity.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a favorite type of video on the platform, whether it be one about food, dogs, dance, or comedy.

Additionally, there’s no need to remain a spectator just because creating your own TikTok movies is so simple that you may do it right now.

The information you need to get started creating your own TikTok video is provided below.

How to make a TikTok account

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It’s time to investigate that huge plus sign if you’ve used TikTok for a while but have never created your own video.

1. At the bottom of the screen, between the buttons, tap the plus sign.

You’ll need to grant the app permission to utilize your camera and microphone the first time you do this.

On iOS and Android, the permissions seem a little differently, but granting permission is still crucial.

2. You can create videos on TikTok that are one to 15 seconds long and up to three minutes long.

Tap 15s, 60s, or 3m depending on how long you want your video to be.

3. To record, press and hold the red button.

While you can press and hold the button to record a clip for however long you need, you can also let go to record more clips.

4. Up to the maximum length that you have specified for your video, you can sew together a number of segments.

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The length of the complete video can be seen in the gauge at the top of the screen as you can record more each time you push the red button.

5. Tap the Backspace icon to the right of the red button to delete the most recent clip you recorded.

6. Utilize the buttons on the screen to apply effects to your video.

Effects: This button at the lower left is a library of many common effects, such as green screen-style backgrounds and effects that change your appearance. 

Flip: At the top right of the screen, this swaps the front and rear cameras.

Speed: You can use this to record in slow motion or faster than normal.

Beauty: This adds a soft focus filter to soften your features.

Filters: Choose from among a large library of filters that tweak the color and saturation.

Timer: Use the self-timer to start a 3- or 10-second countdown, and set the length of time you want to record.

This allows you to record completely hands-off.

7. Tap the Check in the bottom right corner when you’re ready to continue.

8. You can view the video you recorded on this preview page. Use the back arrow in the top left to return to recording, such as to delete a clip and re-record it.

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9. You can also include sound, music, and other effects on the preview page.

Some of the most significant choices are listed below:

Sounds: At the bottom left, the Sounds button lets you add music and sound effects to the background of your video.

Effects: There are many special effects like smoke, powder, and camera shake you can add to the video.

To do this, tap and drag the desired effect into the video and hold it there for the time period that you want the effect to occur. 

Text: You can type text that appears as an overlay throughout the video.

Stickers: Tap a sticker to add it to the video. If you need to add text to it, do this next.

After the text is entered, you can drag the sticker around and position it where you like on the screen. 

Adjust clips: This page works like a traditional video editor.

You can drag to rearrange the clips and trim the start and end of the video.

Voiceover : Tap and hold the Record button to add new audio.

You have the option to keep or discard any audio from the original recording. 

Caption: TikTok can analyze your recorded audio and add captions to the video. 

How to make a TikTok with multiple videos

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1. Tap the + sign at the bottom of your screen.

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2. Tap Upload on the bottom right.

Then select Videos at the top of the screen to filter for the videos in your Camera Roll.

You can add multiple clips or include a mix of photos and videos!

3. Select the videos you want to include, to a maximum of 35 videos.

Tap Next to continue.

4. Tap Adjust Clip to reorder your videos.

You can also add music or sound effects.

TikTok will suggest audio clips based on the content of your video and the length of your clips.

You can select Default if you want to use the sound in your original video.

Once you’re done, tap Next.

5. From here, you can add video effects, stickers, and text.

Try Noise Reducer if your clips have a lot of background noise.

6. You can also add a voiceover.

This will be layered over the original sound in your video clips or the track you selected.

7. Add your caption and hashtags, tag other users, and manage your video settings.

8. Hit Post and start sharing!

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