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How To Play Snapchat Games with Friends in 2024?

how to play Snapchat games


Did you know that you can play games on Snapchat in addition to sending photos and videos to your pals and keeping up Snapstreaks?




As of January 2022, Snapchat offers around 50 games that may be played with friends and family directly from a chat window.




Many Snapchat users are interested in learning how to play games on the app, and snapchat recently introduced its gaming platform, called “Snap,” which enables users to play multiplayer and live games.




Given the variety of games available to play with friends, users have been interested in learning How To Play Games On Snapchat.



Continue reading to find out How To Play Games On Snapchat and more information about Bitmoji and Snap games, including how to play them.




What are Snap Games?

Snap Games is the name of Snapchat’s gaming platform.



The majority of the games and applications in Snap Games are multiplayer-based, and they are all marketed as a “way to hang out with your pals on Snapchat.”




The chat feature on Snapchat has been updated by Snap to include a “rocket” icon that you may hit to enter a game and play with others.




Since recent reports indicate that Snapchat users may not be using the app as frequently as they once were.



Snap is probably expecting that its game platform will help retain users on the Snapchat platform.




The major components of Snapchat, including Stories, have been imitated by several platforms, including Instagram.




Therefore, it is up to Snapchat to keep innovating and luring new users.




All of the games are HTML5-based, including Bitmoji Party, which was developed by Prettygreat, the same company that created Fruit Ninja (it was purchased by Snap).

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Bitmoji Party is similar to Mario Party, but instead of the well-known plumber and his pals, it uses Bitmoji characters.




Up to eight pals can play smaller game experiences on it, including a zombie game in which participants spread disease to one another.




Bitmoji Party has a total of five games.




Which games are on Snapchat?

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Aside from Bitmoji Party, Snap Games has expanded and now offers more than 20 games.



Here are a few examples of notables:


  • Alphabear Hustle from SpryFox: Think Words with Friends


  • CATS Drift Racing from ZeptoLab: A multiplayer racing game from Zeptolab


  • Snake Squad from Game Closure: A reimagining of the classic game Snake


  • Tiny Royale from Zynga: A type of battle royale game from Zynga


  • Zombie Rescue Squad from PikPok: Survive the zombie apocalypse with friends


  • Aquapark from Voodoo: A racing game with waterslides for tracks


  • Super Snappy Bowling by NOWWA: A 1v1 multiplayer bowling game


Visit Snapchat’s FAQ center for a thorough description of each game.




What are Snap Minis?

A brand-new feature that may be found alongside games is called Snap Minis. 




Snap, though, refers to Minis as “bite-sized utility” to support pals rather than enjoyable games.




It’s important to understand the distinction between Games and Minis because you’ll be directed to a menu with both when you click the rocket ship icon in a chat.




There are currently only seven Minis, however, some of them are actually quite handy.





Here’s what they can do:

  • Movie Tickets by Atom: Purchase tickets and pick seats with your friends


  • Givingli: A way to request unique and special greeting cards from artists and creators


  • Headspace: An app to help with meditation


  • Prediction Master: Make predictions about the future and see who’s right
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  • Let’s Do It: Help decide what to eat or watch


  • Flashcards by Tembo: Create flashcards to help study


  • Register to Vote: Register to vote in US elections



Using Snap Minis and playing Snap Games.

In the chat menu, there is a new rocket-shaped icon that leads to Snap Games and Snap Minis.



Similar to how Facebook’s Messenger service’s Instant Games work, it operates similarly.



Your chat buddies will be notified when you click the rocket icon, and they will be able to join.



The game master is the individual who initiates the game session.




To launch a Snap Game or Snap Mini:

  1. Swipe right to the Friends screen.
  2. Tap on a Chat or Group Chat.
  3. Tap the Rocket icon to open the Game Drawer.
  4. Tap on a game or Mini to start using it.



As we previously mentioned, the chat will notify everyone when a game is launched.




They can tap the game symbol to begin playing it live after seeing a message about it in the chat.




(If no one else is playing, you can drag the game icon and release it to make it disappear in conversation.)




When playing a game, you can chat with your pals by tapping the chat bar at the bottom to open the keyboard.




When you’re finished speaking, tap the microphone a second time to cease delivering audio.




Steps On How To Play Games On Snapchat?

Playing games on Snapchat is a really straightforward and quick process.



The chat menu’s rocket-shaped icon allows users to choose games.




Your chat partners can join the game by clicking the rocket icon to receive a notification and invitation.




The game admin, who has control over the game, is the person who initiates it.

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  1. Swipe right to the Friends screen.
  2. Click on Chat or Group Chat.
  3. Click the Rocket icon to open the Game Drawer.
  4. Click on a game to start playing.



How To Play Games On Snapchat With Friends?

To begin a new game, press the “Rocket” button first.




Everyone in the chat will receive a notification when the game begins.




As soon as they see a message about the game in chat, they can click on the game icon to begin playing in real time.




If no one is actively playing the game, you can also hide the game symbol in chat.



Drag the game icon, then release it, to accomplish this.




By clicking the chat bar at the bottom to open the keyboard, friends may also chat while playing.




To begin speaking, tap the microphone once, and to cease broadcasting audio, tap it again.




How To Play Bitmoji Games On Snapchat?

With just a few taps in the app, Snapchat users can play Bitmoji games.



You only need to tap the rocket icon inside the Snapchat chat window and invite others to play the Bitmoji games.




Players can speak with their pals on-screen in voice or text once the game has begun. 



Here is a list of some of the most well-liked games that can be played on Snapchat with pals.

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