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Instagram Guide 101: How to See Who You Blocked on Instagram?[2024]

How to See Who You Blocked on Instagram

Have you ever wondered how to find out whether someone on Instagram has blocked you?

Or what transpires if you are blocked?



Don’t get upset if you believe that Instagram has blocked you.



Anyone can use the simple privacy function of blocking specific people, and doing so doesn’t necessarily turn them into an adversary.




How can you tell if someone on Instagram has blocked you?



Although the process isn’t entirely simple, there are a few indicators that it has.




How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram?

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You might assume that a user has decided to block you from accessing their content on Instagram if you suddenly cease seeing their posts and Stories.




Although that might be the case, it’s also possible that they’ve simply ceased posting or even that their account has been deleted.




You can check if you’ve been blocked on Instagram in a few different ways:



  • If you use the search box to look up an account that has blocked you, it won’t come up.


  • You won’t be able to see postings from the account that blocked you even if you manage to access their profile page. Despite the fact that you can easily see how many posts they have on their account, you will instead see the statement “No Posts Yet” instead of a grid of posts.


  • There will be no more likes or comments from the account that blocked you on any of your posts.


  • The account that has blocked you will no longer be able to send you or receive DMs from it.


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Have they blocked me on Instagram or deleted it?

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On occasion, you could think someone has banned you on Instagram when in fact the account has been removed or destroyed.



How then can you distinguish between them?


Simple! A deleted or deactivated Instagram account won’t appear in search results, and if you try to access the profile using its URL, an error message will appear.


This is unmistakable evidence that the account is no longer active.




The profile page for accounts that have blocked you will read “No Posts Yet,” even though their post count is still displayed at the top of the screen.



Meanwhile, deleted accounts simply vanish from Instagram.



However, if you’re also encountering strange issues similar to those with other Instagram accounts, it’s possible that Instagram is down or lagging.



What apps allow you to view Instagram blockers?

You can utilize a third-party app to find the information you need if you’re truly concerned about finding out who has banned you on Instagram and don’t want to undertake the investigation yourself.



  • A word of warning: Despite the fact that Instagram collaborates with third-party apps to enable the scheduling of posts and Stories, no software has been approved by Instagram for finding users who have blocked you.


Use the subsequent applications at your own risk.



  • Sarman – Instagram Tracker: With this app, you can check who has unfollowed you on Instagram as well as who has seen your profile and the most popular Stories.


It also shows you who has blocked you on Instagram. Free for basic services, $7.99 per month for premium features.



  • Profile+ Reports & Insights: With this tool, you may not only keep track of blockers and unfollowers but also get specific facts about other accounts.
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Basic statistics can be accessed for free via the app. Monthly fees for the premium edition are $3.99.




Can you view a list of Instagram users who have blocked you?



Without using a third-party tool, you’ll need to do some research to find out who blocked you.



This is due to the lack of a list of accounts that have blocked you from being easily accessible.



Instagram aims to make it simple to block accounts secretly, which is why.



Finding out who has blocked you on Instagram will be simpler with the help of the apps outlined in the preceding section.



That is, if you’re ready to shell out cash for the pricier services and take a chance on breaking Instagram’s rules.



What transpires if you’re blocked?

You’ve done some detective work, and you’ve discovered that someone has blocked you on Instagram.




What ought to you do now? In all honesty, we advise forgetting about it and ignoring it. But if you still have inquiries, we have solutions.



Can you access the profile of a person you blocked?




The person who blocked you will have their profile visible to you, but their posts won’t be visible to you.



You will instead see the message “No Posts Yet.”



Can you message someone on Instagram who blocked you?

On Instagram, you can message someone who has blocked you, but they won’t get your messages.



The blocking feature’s main goal is to stop communication between the blocker and the person they are blocking.

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What occurs if you message a person who has blocked you?

Any messages sent from a blocked account will not be delivered by Instagram to the account that blocked the account.



Messages sent while the block was active will never be received, even if that account later unblocks you.




A privacy and security feature on Instagram called blocking shields users from content and profiles they don’t want to see.




Anyone can exclude someone for whatever cause.




Even if you find out that someone has blocked you, there is nothing you can do to change it.



The best thing you can do is let it go and move on.




Can Accounts That Don’t Exist Be Unblocked?

It might not be possible to unblock Instagram profiles that have been deleted or removed since you blocked them, depending on the app or website.



Your list of Blocked Accounts will contain their names, but you won’t be able to communicate with them.



Reporting suspicious accounts and activity to Instagram


(Report > It’s spam or Report > It’s inappropriate in the user’s menu)


rather than blocking users, you believe to be fake accounts is one way to prevent stale accounts from appearing on your Instagram Blocked Accounts list.




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