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Twitter Guide 101: How To See Who You Blocked On Twitter?[2024]


How To See Who You Blocked On Twitter

Users can also choose to block you, which prevents you from viewing their profile or following their postings.



If you don’t want to see someone’s tweets on Twitter, you should block them.




After all, it’s your social media feed — why should you put up with people who annoy you?

When you block someone, it doesn’t send any sort of notification to them. 




And while this is great for quietly curating your feed, it can be annoying if you think that someone else has blocked you.

Luckily, there’s a quick way to tell if someone’s blocked you on Twitter and to see how many blocks you’ve received. Here’s how.

Regardless, it is not difficult to access restricted Twitter accounts, and even though everyone has their own reasons for blocking someone, there is a means to do it.




What Happens When You Block a Twitter Account?

Twitter provides the block feature to give users control over who can and cannot access their accounts.



When you block a Twitter account, you prevent it from engaging in a number of activities, such as:

• The account can’t follow you on Twitter.


• The blocked account can’t directly message you.


Someone blocked can’t tag you in their posts.


• Blocked accounts can’t view your tweets and your Twitter profile


How To View Blocked Twitter Accounts?

You have probably blocked a lot of Twitter accounts over the years.

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You can view your profile and access all the blocked accounts if you can’t remember which accounts you’ve blocked.




Using Twitter App

image via twitter help center


1. Open your Twitter account on your mobile app.

2. Click on your profile picture or the three lines at the top.

3. Scroll down the option and tap on “Settings and privacy”.

4. Click on the “Privacy and safety” option.

5. Under “Your Twitter Activity”, click the “Mute and block” option.

6. Tap on “Blocked accounts”.

7. All the accounts you’ve blocked will display under the “All” or “Imported” tab.


Using Computer


1. Open your Twitter account on your computer.


2. Click on the “More” button.


3. Tap the option for “Settings and privacy”.


4. Click on “Privacy and safety”.


5. Tap on “Blocked accounts” under “Mute and Block”.


6. Your blocked accounts will get displayed under the “All” or “Imported” tab.

You can scroll down the list to see which accounts you’ve blocked.

How to Block an Account on Twitter?


You can choose to block a Twitter account if you don’t want it to follow you or see your tweets.


To block a Twitter account using its profile, adhere to the instructions below:

1. Open your Twitter account and go to the target person’s Twitter profile page.



2. Tap the three dots on their profile.



3. From the menu options, click the “Block @username” option.

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4. On the prompt that appears, tap the “Block” option to confirm the action.

How to Unblock Accounts on Twitter?


A Twitter account can be unblocked with ease. Using the procedures outlined above, you simply need to view your list of blocked Twitter accounts.



Find the account you want to unblock by scrolling down the list after you’ve found it.



Then, to automatically unlock the specified account, click the “Blocked” button located to the right of the account name.


Do you believe you’ve been blocked on Twitter?


The bad news is that you won’t receive any indication that your Twitter account has been blocked when it occurs.



The good news is that it is possible to determine whether someone has blocked you.

1. Open your Twitter account.


2. Click the search bar and enter the name of the person that you suspect to have blocked you


• You will get a notification stating that they have blocked you if their profile is viewable.

• If you can’t search for their Twitter account, it’s likely that you’ve already been blocked, which explains why their profile isn’t searchable.

If someone blocks you on Twitter, there is little you can do about it until you get in touch with them via another channel and ask them why.

How to see how many people have blocked you?

This technique connects to your Twitter account using the blolook app to display the number of blocks you have received.

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Although it still won’t reveal who specifically has you blocked, it will let you know how many accounts have blocked you.


1. Open the blolook app or website on your computer or mobile device, then select Log in with Twitter.

2. Give the application permission to connect to your Twitter account.



On this page, you might have to log into Twitter once again.


3. Scroll to the Your account box after you have been authorized.



You can see how many accounts have blocked you next to the heading Accounts blocking you.




Additionally, you can see how many of these blocks are mutual, indicating that both of you have blocked one another.

In Conclusion

Blocking Twitter accounts is not a new thing.



Many people often realize they have been barred, and you, too, could have your list of prohibited accounts for numerous reasons.



In addition to discussing other information on restricted Twitter accounts, this tutorial has provided instructions on how to view blocked Twitter accounts.




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