7 iOS Apps to help you improve video editing skills videoder


iOS app video editor for your 30 seconds video

Videoder is one of the video editing apps but we will focus on iOS apps for video editors in 2020. Telling your story through 30 seconds or 15 seconds video can be tough but not when you have the right video apps to edit and tell it as it is supposed to be. Using these iOS video apps makes editing fun. iPhone cameras have come a long way and there’s no stopping as technology keeps getting better and better.

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Every year there’s a new iPhone on the market with good camera quality, making us shoot videos in 4k and some even in 8k. With this video quality comes the need for good ios video editing apps, with qualified features with some through app purchase or free.

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Today we are focusing on these few iOS video apps that can help you put all your short videos together. Go ahead, try them out and make the best out of your video editing ??

  • Moment 2
  • 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary
  • Musemage
  • Triller: Social Video Platform
  • Glimpse – Video Storytell

Happy Editing

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