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Stream all your favorite local movies or shows online on adomonline tv, iflix app, joy prime tv,  etc After thorough and intensive research we finally brought up something good. Yes! video streaming apps for your local content.



A whole lot of people do a lot of searches to find the best streaming app services mostly for their favorite tv shows, news, movies, sports, politics, etc. I mean everyone always tries to get the best out of what they can pay for or use.


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Whether paying for the internet or streaming apps. This is the more reason why we decided to share a quick blog post with you on the best streaming services you can get. The focus is on which streaming services you can get something good from are news, movies, sports, etc.



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This list has the most popular and best streaming apps in Ghana. This is not arranged in order and these apps will give you the chance to watch anything of your choice with or with no fee.


The modern era of life has eased pressure on people and tv stations when it comes to reaching more subscribers and viewers, and that is why most of them have decided to introduce their streaming apps and services. In the comfort of your zone, you can watch any entertainment channel you choose.


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Here is the list of video streaming apps in Ghana. this is limited to few


  • C2tv  In 2016, it came out with so many amazing channels. The C2tv is only available on the google play store and can be on any compatible Android device. With a simple download, you choose your desired package according to the duration. stream movies online and more

C2tv - streaming apps for video content in Ghana

  • Kumawood App – The Kumawood app is one of the most innovative apps developed by producers and actors/actresses in Kumasi city. This was to spread the works of Ghanaian local movies to other places and to those who do not have time to purchase CDs.


This app is available on Google play store and App store. Kumawood is a leading subscription service for watching Local Movies on your phone. This Kumawood mobile application delivers the best experience anytime, anywhere, any day.



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iflix apk
  • Joy prime tv– when it comes to one of the best streaming apps that could give you entertainment, news, politics business forums, etc. joy prime tv is the best option for you.


They have the latest news and information about anything circulating in Ghana. Joy Prime Ghana enables you to get Live Streaming of the most favorite Ghanaian channel on Joy Prime. The joy prime tv streaming app is available on the app store and google play store. With just one click download and install on your smartphone.


joy prime tv - streaming apps

  • Iflix – iflix apk a streaming app introduced by Kwese TV, around 2018. Kwesé Iflix brings you the freshest line-up of live streaming and on-demand sports and entertainment. It’s when, where, and how, on your terms. iflix apk streaming app is available on the google play store and app store. iflix apk has so many subscription packages you could choose from and has one of the easiest paying methods which is the main mobile money.



Adom Tv - joy prime tv


  • Adom Tv –Ranked for the best in drama series, news, and politics. Was one of the earliest TV stations to introduce their amazing streaming app which has the entire genre they showed on their TV station. Adomonline tv streaming app Provides Live Streaming of the Most Favorite Ghanaian channel adomonline tv.


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The channel provides Nonstop. This app provides you with high-quality live streaming of the most favorite Ghanaian channel Adom TV live. Download this app both on the Google play store and Appstore at ease.



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