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WhatsApp FingerPrint Lock to Make Chats More Secured

  WhatsApp FingerPrint Lock has been released to secure chats. Ever since WhatsApp was introduced in 2009, it has never had its own self-secured feature. WhatsApp is a widely used Messenger App and so far, it has been the best with amazing updates from time to time. READ MORE The unique thing also about WhatsApp is the End to End Encryption which secures your conversation with whoever you’re chatting with. No other party gets to see your chat.   This update came in not too long ago but the sad thing about WhatsApp including fingerprints to secure chat is limited to some devices. Yes! It is limited. This feature only happens to be available on iOS devices and this gives iPhone an upper hand over all the other devices at this moment but we hoping the update will soon be available to all android devices.

This Fingerprint Lock Feature also begins from the iPhone 6s to the XsMax and therefore anything below that won’t work. For the iPhone x and above it’s about using the face ID. WhatsApp is now secured and you need not worry about someone trying to read your chats without your knowledge. Once you have your Face ID secured or FingerPrint securing it, you are good to go.   Here is how you can access this feature on your IOS device, go to your WhatsApp messenger, locate settings at the bottom right corner, select Account, and choose Privacy. Scroll down to access your screen Lock. This feature automatically initiates the fingerprint used for the main screen lock. An amazing feature for WhatsApp users using iOS.   If you enjoyed this article please share this article, it will go a long way for us. Also, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle News, and  Instagram for more Source: fifty7tech.com
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