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Work Apps To Have On Your Phone Now

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A list of Work Apps to download. Modern-day entrepreneurs work from anywhere and that’s how it should be. Like how is work supposed to be in one place? Where’s the fun in that!  And technology, on the other hand, is playing a massive role in making work easier.

Like the saying goes “Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart!”  We’ve compelled a list of Work Apps that are making working on your phone easily and fun and we think you should have them now.


  • YouTube Studio – This app is for managing your YouTube channel such as viewing your Dashboard, Videos, Analytics, Comments, monetizing your YouTube channel and many more.


  • Analytics By Facebook – this App helps you to stay on top of your growth, engagement, and conversion efforts on the go. It also helps view key metrics and reports, check automated insights, and receive notifications, etc.


  • Salt App – For watermarking all your photos, resize and even add text to your photos



  • Google Analytics – the official app for Google Analytics. It helps monitor your business on the go, for example, checking key metrics, monitoring real-time data, etc.


  • Facebook Ads – managing all your ads on your mobile, editing campaigns, viewing performance and also give tips and recommendations on how to improve your ad performance.


  • Mailchimp App (Email, Marking Automation) create and send emails, manage lists and track campaign results on the go.


  • InShot App – This is a video editor and a photo editor.  It offers so many pro features for free and you can also upgrade for more pro features.



  • LinkedIn App – for job seekers, professional profile and networking. LinkedIn is the right app for you.


  • Bing Ads App – Help you stay on top of your campaigns while you’re on the go. Monitoring your campaigns, making quick changes to update your status budget and bids, etc. Bing Ads is a product of Microsoft.


  • Google Ads App– this app is similar to Bing Ads, it also a product of Google.
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