6 Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency wallet for Android Users

best bitcoin wallet android


Best mobile bitcoin wallet for android users who are new to bitcoin or cryptocurrency? The first step toward being a cryptocurrency expert is to get your own bitcoin wallet for your Android smartphone. Please keep in mind that using an Android wallet, or any mobile wallet for that matter, isn’t exactly safe, and users should always exercise caution when doing so. For more detail, see the notes at the end of this article.

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All mobile bitcoin wallets, whether they’re on iOS or Android, are the riskiest way to manage bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Such causes include losing your wallet when your mobile is lost or stolen, making your phone break without any backups to recover, or intruders accessing your phone without your permission.


Since your private key is stored on the mobile wallet you use, anyone with access to your phone can transfer money to themselves using your bitcoin app!

Here are the best bitcoin wallet android users can download

  1. Mycelium

Despite its complexity for many beginners, Mycelium is one of the most common mobile device wallets. Mycelium is one of the safest and fastest wallets on the market, with a slew of advanced privacy and security features for power users. For beginners, it has a steep learning curve, but it’s well worth the effort.


Many people overlook the fact that it’s open-source, which means that the community is constantly monitoring the wallet’s future and ensuring that it’s still safe to use and up-to-date.

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Since the wallet does not have a website or a desktop app, you can only access your coins from your mobile wallet. The good news is that Mycelium users can sync their wallets with hardware wallets to ensure that their funds are completely secure.


2. GreenAddress (GreenBits)

 Last but not least, GreenAddress is the final contender on our list of the best Android Bitcoin wallets. Advanced wallet features and solid protection can be anticipated,

What is the best Bitcoin wallet for Android?


But the user experience will be slightly inferior to that of competitors such as Airbitz. Since GreenAddress is so difficult, we don’t suggest it for beginners or casual users.

Whatever Android mobile wallet you select, remember to take certain measures to keep your cryptocurrencies safe at all times. Set a PIN for your wallet to prevent malicious users from accessing it if it is lost or stolen. If the app doesn’t accept a PIN, suggest it to the developer or look for another one. Take note of the 12-24-word seed you were given when you created your wallet; it will come in handy if you ever need to recover your wallet.

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3. Jaxx

Jaxx is our 4th Android bitcoin wallet, and it’s brand new and a little controversial. For good purposes, Jaxx is one of the most common wallets. Jaxx is a one-stop-shop for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with an intuitive user interface, wallet access through various platforms, and compatibility with other cryptocurrencies. Users with a cryptocurrency portfolio that includes Ethereum, Litecoin, and other common cryptocurrencies can sync all of their accounts to Jaxx.


4. Breadwallet

Looking for a less complicated version of Mycelium? You’re covered with BreadWallet. One of the most user-friendly bitcoin Android wallets available. BreadWallet’s source code, like Mycelium’s, is open source, which means you can rely on the community for security and functionality updates. BreadWallet is a simplified wallet app, which means it only has a few “send” and “receive” options for your wallet.

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These Wallets Useful For Crypto Newbies 

BreadWallet is particularly useful for those who are new to mobile bitcoin wallets, while more seasoned users will profit from a more advanced wallet app.


BreadWallet is best if you only want to send and receive bitcoin for personal transactions, but bear in mind that the protection is limited, so be careful. BreadWallet, like Mycelium, is only available on mobile devices. Look for it in the app stores for iOS and Android.


5. Edge

Without Edge, no list of the safest Bitcoin wallets for Android will be full. The app does not have access to your coins, keys, or any other personal information. You can also take advantage of Edge’s decentralized approach by changing your address for each BTC transaction.

The app’s other benefits include its user-friendly interface and the ability to purchase Bitcoin directly from your bank account.


6. Bither

The ability to move between “hot” and “cold” wallets is the main reason Bither is on this list. This helps you to have the vast majority of your Bitcoin in a safe offline wallet while still keeping enough in your hot wallet to fulfill your everyday needs.


Furthermore, your private keys are secured by a digital password, and the cold wallet is automatically backed up and recovered. When you consider that Bither is decentralized, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most secure options available.

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 7.  Schildbach Bitcoin

The Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet is the oldest mobile Bitcoin wallet and is named after its creator Andreas Schildbach (now known in the Play Store as simply “Bitcoin Wallet”). The Schildbach wallet used to download the entire Blockchain, but due to a large number of transactions, this became too time-consuming.

It is no longer possible to download the entire history of all Bitcoin transactions thanks to new SPV technology. Apps can now connect directly to the network, check a wallet’s balance, and send signed transactions without sacrificing censorship or uptime.

Google lists the app as having between a million and five million downloads, demonstrating the wallet’s incredible scope.

The wallet has basic features, but it illustrates what can be achieved with a decentralized permissionless framework like Bitcoin. For example, if the devices support it, you can send Bitcoin transactions to another device through Bluetooth or NFC.

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