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How to Register for GCB Mobile Banking | Step-by-Step Guide [2023]

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GCB Mobile Banking

GCB mobile banking system. In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know about the Ghana Commercial bank mobile banking system, short code, and other details.



GCB Mobile Banking Short Code

With the use of GCB’s mobile banking technology, consumers may conduct transactions and manage their bank accounts from the convenience of their phones through GCB Mobile Banking Short Code



GCB mobile banking code

The GCB mobile banking code is *422# for customers who are new to the platform and like to switch to mobile banking. Bank at your fingertips and never step foot in Ghana’s commercial banking hall. Make all your mobile banking fun just dial the ussd and you’re good to go.




GCB customers use this USSD code to transfer money from their phones. The purpose of mobile banking was to ease the stress of going to the banking hall to make daily transactions and as a result of this, the GCB mobile banking platform is doing just that.




Use the GCB Short Code for all transactions.

The GCB mobile banking platform provides customers with comprehensive access to their financial information.



This means that you will be able to use your mobile banking to check the balance of your GCB account in real time as well as do other important tasks.

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GCB Mobile Banking Requirements

Before you may use the Ghana Commercial Bank mobile banking system,


  • Step #2: with a valid registered mobile number in your possession.




How to Use GCB Mobile Banking

  • Step #1: You must connect your bank account to your phone number in order to use it.


  • Step #2: This will allow you to conduct transactions from your phone to your GCB bank account as well as from your bank account to your phone using your mobile device.



gcb mobile banking


How to Register for GCB Mobile Banking

You must first sign up for mobile banking with Ghana Commercial Bank in order to access this feature.


When you open a bank account, you may sign up for the service at the same time. In cases where you created a bank account with GCB  but did not register for mobile banking?



then you can  Sign up for mobile banking with help from any Ghana Commercial Bank staff available to you at their banking hall.




To get you started, your personal information will be taken by any GCB staff to take you through the mobile banking registration process.

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Register for GCB Mobile Banking

Dialing *422# on your phone to complete the process.

This should your screen prompt

  • GCB Mobile Banking


  • G-Money


  • Option one (1) should be selected, and then SEND should be clicked.


  • Enter your GCB bank account number and click on the “Send” button.


  • To finish the registration procedure, just follow the instructions on the screen.





How To Activate GCB Mobile Banking

After successfully registering for the GCB mobile money service via the short code *422#, you must activate the service in order to use it.

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The choice above is for system registration, and you may proceed to activate the system by dialing the USSD code that was provided.



If you have registered but have not yet used the short code, you will need to do so in order for it to be active. The activation procedure is simple and does not need much effort.



The following describes how to activate your GCB mobile banking system.

  • Step #1: On your phone, dial the number *422#.


  • Step #2: Select GCB Mobile Banking from the drop-down menu.


  • Step #3: Enter the account number associated with your bank.




How to Check Account Balance with GCB Mobile Banking Code


  • To check your account balance,



  • Enter the password for your mobile banking.


  • Choose your wallet.


  • Select the option for checking the account balance.



Benefits of GCB Mobile Banking Service


  • You have the ability to see the history of your last five (5) transactions.


  • Mobile banking gives you the ability to check your account balance. You will be able to see your account balance at any time you like.


  • You have the option of changing your existing PIN to a new one.


  • By dialing the GCB USSD code *422#, you may add more airtime to your phone or to a phone belonging to someone else.


  • Another wonderful thing that we can do with the mobile banking service is to make bill payments on the go. Utilities such as DSTV, a TV license, GOTV, and Startimes subscriptions are examples of such expenditures.


  • You may make money transfers from one GCB account to another using your mobile phone



  • Also, the Ghana Commercial Bank USSD code enables you to pay fees on the go, safely and quickly, using your smartphone.
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How to Log Into Your GCB SMS Banking Account


  • Dial the USSD code *422# on the phone number that you used to register with the system.


  • Fill up the blanks with your GCB bank account number and click “Send.”


  • If you are aware of your GCB account PIN, choose option number one (1)


  • In the event that you are unable to recall your PIN, choose option two from the drop-down menu (2)


  • You will be sent a PIN to your phone in step 5


  • Please input the numbers exactly as you got them and then hit SEND to send the message


  • You will need to create a new PIN that you will use for the mobile banking service in step 7


  • To proceed, press the Send button


  • To see all of your transaction data, dial *422# and then press SEND on your keyboard.




How To Transfer Money From GCB Account To MoMo  Wallet

  • Step #1: To start, dial *422#


  • Step #2: Pick choice 1. Transfer money from your bank account to your momo wallet.


  • Step #3: input your bank account number


  • Step #4: Enter the precise amount into your mobile money wallet.


  • Step #5: Finally, input your PIN and hit SEND.




How To Transfer Money MoMo Wallet To GCB Account


  • Step #1: Dail *422# again


  • Step #2: choose the second option.


  • Step #3: After that, input your bank account number.



  • Step #5: After you have double-checked that all of the information is right, enter your PIN.


  • Step #6: To have the money sent to your GCB bank account, click SEND.



Ghana Commercial Bank contact

here is how you can contact any of the GCB branches, follow this link to see GCB nationwide branches.



What is the code for GCB mobile banking?

GCB mobile banking code for all your mobile banking needs.
you could notice that throughout this article we used *422#.
that’s GCB mobile banking code, you can use it any time and anywhere



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