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Register for Zenith Bank Internet Banking | Step-by-Step Guide [2024]


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Zenith Bank Internet Banking system in focus. In Ghana, Zenith Bank is one of the most important financial organizations in the country, as well as in West Africa.



The fact that they provide such a diverse selection of services to their customers makes baking with them both flexible and easy.


zenith bank internet banking

When it comes to dependability, there is no bank that can compete with Zenith. This is particularly true of the Zenith Bank Ghana online banking system, which has a lot of features.



They are doing very well, and they are constantly adding more valuable and profitable goods to their offering to clients.




Zenith Online Banking

Choosing Zenith Bank as your online banking service provider in Ghana is a wise decision if you want a service that is both safe and dependable.




With Zenith Bank Ghana’s electronic Banking service, you have the flexibility to conduct transactions from any location at any time.



One of the most appealing aspects of online banking is that you do not have to visit a branch in order to register, since you can complete the process in just a few minutes on the internet.



In spite of the fact that it is simple to register online, we constantly have folks who find it difficult to complete the process on their own.



We will demonstrate to you how to apply for the service in just a few easy steps in order to demonstrate our point.



zenith internet banking

To check your account balance, receive and make transactions wherever you find yourself, well with stable internet, security, and a whole lot more is what the zenith internet banking offers to its valuable banking customers worldwide



zenith online banking


How to Register for Zenith Bank Ghana Internet Banking

The following steps will guide you through the process of opening an internet banking account with Zenith Bank:

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  • Step #1: To get started, go to the Zenith Bank Ghana official website  


  • Step #2: Hover your mouse cursor over the “Personal tab” located in the top-left corner of the screen.


  • Step #3: From the drop-down menu, choose the “Internet Banking” tab for Zenith Bank from the list.


  • Step #4:  Click on “How to apply


  • Step #5: Save the Zenith Bank Electronic Banking Form on your computer.


  • Step #6: You may also get a copy of the Zenith Bank service agreement form


  • Step #7: Now, make certain that you read the form attentively and beneath each field on it


  • Step #8: Complete the Zenith Bank Ghana online banking application form with your proper information


  • Step #9: Find the Zenith bank branch that is closest to you and drop off your completed form there.


  • Alternatively, you may scan the completed form and submit it to the Zenith Bank branch closest to your location.


  • Step #10: After you have completed your application, please be patient and wait for 24 hours before returning to the bank to get your login information.


  • Step #11: Your internet banking username, password, and Zenith bank customer access code will be sent to you as soon as your online banking application is approved.





ibank zenith internet banking login internet banking login

Please note that to do any transaction on the iBank zenith platform you need to log in to your account first.




How to Log into Zenith Bank Ghana Online Banking

In order to access your iBank Zenith account, please follow the instructions outlined below:



zenith bank internet banking login

  • Step #1: Open your phone’s or computer’s browser and go to the Zenith Bank Ghana website
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  • Step #2: Select Internet Banking from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.


  • If you prefer, you may log in using this page


  • Step #3: Select log in with the access code from the drop-down menu.


  • Step #4: Input the Zenith bank customer access code that you were provided with by the financial institution (Bank)


  • Step #5: Select the “Next” button from the drop-down menu.


  • Step #6: In the next step, you will be asked to enter your online banking Username.


  • Step #7: To login into your bank account, enter your Zenith Bank online banking password and click on the “Login” icon to the right.


  • Step #8: In order for you to begin conducting transactions online, such as deposits and withdrawals, your online account must first be activated.






How To Check Account Balance on Zenith Bank Online

Follow the steps below to check your bank account balance online:

  • Step #1:Go to the Zenith Bank Ghana website to learn more about the bank.


  • Step #2: Select Internet Banking from the drop-down menu.


  • Step #3: Enter the customer access code that was provided to you.


  • Step #4: Select Login from the drop-down menu.


  • Step #5: Once you have signed into your account, choose View Account Balance to check your current account balance.





How To Recover Password on ZenithBank Internet Banking

In order to put your Zenith Bank online banking password on hold, you must first complete the following procedures.

  • Step #1: Visit the Zenith Bank website to learn more about the bank.


  • Step #2: Select the Internet Banking option from the drop-down menu.
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  • Another option is to click on the following link


  • Step #3: In the upper right corner, just below the login area, there is a link that says “Forgot Password.”


  • Step #4: You must enter the account number that you used when you signed up for Zenith Bank’s online banking service.


  • Step #5: Fill up the blanks with your Zenith bank customer access code.


  • To continue, click on the Submit button.



Benefits of Zenith Internet Banking

1) You may access and download your bank statement at any time from any location.


2) Check the balance of your account.


3) You may print a copy of your transaction history.


4) Pay your DStv bills as soon as they are due




How do I check my balance on Zenith Bank?

This method is to check your Zenith bank account balance offline and using your mobile via SMS

  • Step #1: On your phone dial *966#
  • Step #2: You will be prompt to Enter your secret account pin to proceed
  • Step #3: Confirm your PIN
  • Step #4: After successfully PIN login you should receive an SMS with your account balance information.



How do I open a Zenith Bank account in Ghana?

To open an account with zenith bank in Ghana is quite simple, you just you to prove your identity as a Ghanaian with these requirements (valid national ID, Tin certificates, residence permit) and a few other information that is required by the bank. Use this link to find out more



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