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The best budget smartphone you can get on the Ghanaian market. it’s impossible to get a smartphone that has high specs and is also quite cheap on the market. The high specs can be relative and as you know we are in 2020 and everything seems to be going high and high. In this case, high specs have standards within the year of manufacturing.
To have the best budget phone with awesome features you still have to empty your wallet. And still, we say its budget phones, is that be even possible?

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The best budget phones are also more attractive in the long-term thanks to cheaper contract prices, though you might prefer to buy these smartphones outright and then pay all at once. If a network operator should have one, then you choose a payment plan. These are not common among the network operators.

If you’re looking for one of the best phones, you have to accept the fact that the manufacturer is going to cut some corners to achieve that low price and you aren’t going to get the same speed, features, and display quality as you might with a phone costing two, three, or even four times the price.

best budget phones range between ¢600 to ¢1000

In this era, once you don’t have a smartphone; your life becomes difficult in a certain way. It unusual for most people to pay high prices for phones they can easily throw around knowing what it comes with, it’s obviously nothing.

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Fifty7Tech did a quick market survey and research on the best budget phones in the Ghanaian market now. Phones that we believe are affordable to the average working Ghanaian. And after our little market survey and using Ghana stats these best budget phones range between ¢600 to ¢1000 the price is not the obvious factor but what it comes with and how easy it is to buy one of these. Although some may be high in terms of prices we still consider it as a budget phone looking at the large market shares.

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Gone were the days we use to have phones which had fewer features and were made up of cheap specifications and could cost you a lot. But now the market is open, with more phones, and more choices.

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It still won’t make budget phones pretty cheap if you are looking for something that can make your daily life easy and complete a certain task.
We have listed the top 5 phones that are affordable and have good features on the Ghanaian market. This list is not in an order of priority.

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Phones that we believe are affordable to the average working Ghanaian. And after our little market survey and using Ghana stats these best budget phones range between ¢600 to ¢1000 are Huawei Y9, Samsung A10, Infinix Hot 7…

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