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HONOR X9b Malaysia price

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How does HONOR X9b Protect Your Eyes?

One of the best things that HONOR does with their smartphones is their focus on the safety of their customers. The company always invests in the protection of its product consumers.

For example, with the HONOR X9b Malaysia price of just around RM 1500, you will be getting a number of health protection and safety benefits that you do not get from its competitors. Here are the ways that HONOR X9b protects your eyes.


Ways that HONOR X9b Protects Your Eyes

It is flicker free in dim light

Have you noticed in dim light that there is a flicker on the screen of smartphones when you look at them? A good feature of the HONOR X9b is its PWM Dimming. PWM means Pulse Width Modulation. It is actually a way to control the brightness of the display of the screen. This modulation involves the turning on and off of the pixels. For most phones, this is noticeable especially during dim light. For this phone with the HONOR X9b Malaysia price right now, you are assured of a flicker-free screen, especially during dim light.

It has dynamic dimming

The Dynamic Dimming feature in the HONOR X9b makes the display of the smartphone customizable. You can get really dim with the light display or turn it to warm or white. With this feature, the phone reduces the amount of stress caused by the changes in the surrounding light. The HONOR X9b automatically adjusts the display brightness depending on the natural light in the environment.

It has an automatic brightness adjustment

This feature coincides with the Dynamic Dimming feature. Because of the 4096- level adjustment option on this phone, you can have a better and more customizable brightness level for your eyes when you look at the screen. The phone is very sensitive with its sensors so that it adjusts accordingly based on AI and internal analysis. You will definitely have a more comfortable eyesight when you have automatic brightness adjustment on the phone.

It has Circadian Night Display

Circadian lighting gives signals to your brain when it is time to rest and sleep and when it is time to wake up. The HONOR X9b is aware of these signals. Using its computing technology, it adjusts the screen color so that it can pattern itself to the melatonin secretion of your body so that it allows you to sleep accordingly.

It offers low blue light display

In its simplest sense, the low blue light display reduces the blue color display in the screen of your mobile device. Blue light can be harmful to your eyes. If not checked, your eyes can have deteriorating effects when constantly exposed to blue light.

Some of these effects may include macular degeneration, damage in the retinal cells, and even vision problems. Blue light can also be a contributing factor to possible cancer and cataracts.

The HONOR X9b filters this blue light so that your eyes are completely protected from it when you use the device.


HONOR X9b Malaysia price


If you are going to buy a phone, you might as well go for a device that cares for the user as well. You should support companies like HONOR that give high priority to the safety and protection of their loyal customer.

Even at conveniently low price points, you can see that HONOR does not compromise the health of its followers. The HONOR X9b Malaysia price may be at RM 1499 but you cannot deny the amount of technology and certification that the company has done to ensure that you will have the best investment on the smartphone.















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