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How To Spot A Fake Tecno, Infinix And Itel Phones

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How to spot a fake android phone such as Tecno, infinix, and itel. Some phones have become popular because of its quality and users enjoy using it because of some unique it features its poses, take Infinix, Techno, Itel and Samsung for example, when you are in Ghana, these phones are the most used phones, with regular phone companies bringing in new models into the market for its users to purchase.

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There are still a lot of individuals or businesses who instead of producing a new product they would rather make a refurbished product that is bestselling and only market it to people making them believe are purchasing the original product.

There have been cases of people buying mobile phones and instead of using the handset to their pleasure, they will continue to moan about the lagging of the phone, battery dying unexpectedly, etc.

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Usually, when you try purchasing a new phone thinking is the original product, and you end up buying a fake phone, I mostly get these complaints from my peers.

It’s unfortunate to save money on a phone and then you eventually go for the phone just later to figure out that you didn’t buy the same original product and you can’t redeem it for a refund because you didn’t buy it from a certified shop.

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In this article, we will enlighten you on how to verify your phone’s originality.

We mean, how to spot fake phones with these tests, which is how to know when you bought a genuine Infinix, Itel, or TECNO phone

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For Techno Users, this is how to spot a fake Techno phone

You want to check the originality of this phone when you get yourself a new Techno phone.

Tecno has made it simple for individuals to verify their device’s originality. To do this, visit a website specially created by Tecno to check the originality of their product. On this website, you will be asked to put your IMEI and your VC number, and then Tecno will let you know whether your phone is real or it is fake.

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For Infinix Users This Is How To Spot A Fake Infinix

Nowadays, Infinix has become very popular and what mostly sparked about the success of Infinix is when they made Shatta Wale their brand ambassador for the Infinix HOT 8 mobile, within a time they registered the highest selling of mobile.

Infinix has also taken its customers to heart and has also built a tool to verify whether the phone you are using is fake or original.

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To check the originality of your Infinix phone, visit the Infinix verification tool website now type in your IMEI Number and your VC number. Now hit submit and then wait for the result.

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For Itel Users This Is How To Spot A Fake Itel

Yes, you can also check if your itel is original or fake, by logging in to the Itel verification tool website and inserting your IMEI and VC number.

Now, wait for some seconds whiles the website pulls up the results, after the results you will get to know if your phone is genuine or it’s fake.

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Wondering how to find your IMEI and VC number? To find your IMEI number dial *#06# and to find your VC number you will have to check on your battery or the back of the phone.



One of the most painful things ever to happen to anyone is buying a new phone just go home and find out you bought a fake phone or product, so please do share this link with your friends, family, and love ones they don’t get themselves into buying a fake product.

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