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Supply chain monitor estimates the M3 MacBook will launch in 2024.

It has been rumored for a year that Apple will release the M3 chip. The majority of the conversation has focused on a processor debut in the autumn, with the exception of a false rumor that claimed April.

That schedule, however, has changed recently. A week after claiming to be anticipating new MacBook models before the end of 2023, digitizes now seems to be retracting that statement.

The newspaper states in a report on a five-year global shipping of notebook-form computers that shipments of ARM-based laptops have been down for the past year but will increase as a result of 3nm M3 chips anticipated in future MacBook models.

“Apple, which uses in-house designed Arm-based CPUs for most of its laptop lineups, is likely to endure a large reduction in shipments in 2023 as the US brand vendor prepares to transit to CPUs made by a 3nm node at TSMC for performance upgrading in 2024,” The journal adds.”

As we stated a week ago, there is no other current source that supports the release of a new MacBook Pro update in the remaining months of 2023. Initially, there were persistent rumors of a fall 2023 refresh, but both earlier and more recent claims claim that the next MacBook Pro update won’t happen until 2024.

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Additionally, it appears that Apple has already used up all of TSMC’s available 3nm chip capacity for the remainder of the year. Despite the fact that they have the same basic design, it is likely that the foundry will concentrate on iPhone chips rather than M-series processors.

The article continues by stating that the high-end and commercial markets will have a “more noticeable recovery” for Apple and Dell.

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