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Price drops on SteelSeries Apex 9 gaming keyboards at Amazon

Some of the greatest gaming keyboards available are made by SteelSeries. Additionally, they are frequently more expensive. The two SteelSeries Apex 9 keyboard variants, however, are presently available at Amazon for record-low prices.

The SteelSeries Apex 9 Mini keyboard is available at Amazon for $83.45; this is $46.54 less than its usual $129.99 MSRP. The SteelSeries Apex 9 TJL keyboard is available for $91.95—a savings of $48.04 from its original $139.99 MSRP.

Both SteelSeries Apex 9 keyboards are intended to be smaller than full keyboards; the Mini variant only occupies 60% of a full keyboard’s space, while the TKL model does away with the standard number of keys on the right side.

Both kinds of optical keyboards use Opti Point switches that have been specially designed for quick response. Even the switches can be removed and changed to suit your requirements. You can also alter the keys’ registration depth from 1mm to 1.5mm to personalize your keystrokes. Both keyboards’ PBT keycaps are made to withstand intensive use for an extended period of time.

For increased stability, the top plate of the Apex 9 keyboard is made of high-grade aluminum. Finally, for those few nighttime gaming sessions, they each boasted special RBG illumination support.

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