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Resolving “jelly scrolling” issues, the iPad mini 7 is Rumored to have an improved display.

Apple has occasionally been involved in hardware disputes, and you can usually tell whether one is serious when the word “gate” is added. Several product issues, like Antennagate, Batterygate, Bendgate, and It-gets-really-hot-gate, have garnered more attention than others. Additionally, the iPad mini 6 has a unique problem called Jellygate.

There are numerous rumors claiming that a new iPad mini will be released this year. This week’s Weibo report adds additional fuel to the fire. This rumor suggests that the iPad mini 7 may also strengthen the display, which is one of the current model’s weaker aspects.

On Weibo, Instant Digital is the source of the rumor. The account doesn’t have a long history, as MacRumors notes, but it has been accurate with a few recent rumors. Reporting on the iPhone 15’s new matte back glass design, the iPhone 14’s yellow cooler upgrade, and other topics are included.

In light of this, Instant Digital reported this week that the upcoming iPad mini 7 will come with Apple enhanced display designed to fix the “jelly scrolling” issue that the iPad mini 6 had.

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Apple allegedly “changed the screen assembly direction” for the iPad mini 7 according to the rumor. It’s noteworthy that some rumors said the iPad mini-7’s display wouldn’t be upgraded to a 120Hz refresh rate. Instead, the present 60Hz refresh rate will be kept.

The iPad mini 7 will reportedly have a redesigned display, an improved front-facing camera, and the A16 Bionic processor inside, according to Instant Digital. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus both employ the same processor. The A15 Bionic now powers the iPad mini-6.

new chipset and camera

The same source, who has previously been right on the money with his forecasts, also claims that the iPad mini 7 will include an improved front-facing camera. The current model has a 12MP ultrawide selfie camera.

Additionally, according to Instant Digital, the iPad Air 6 and the revised first-generation Apple Pencil, both of which use USB-C, could be released later this month. This prediction has already been made.

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The release date of Apple’s next iPad update is still up in the air, however given that the iPad mini 6 debuted in September 2021, a new model is currently overdue. Rumor has it that it will show up before the end of 2023.

When it happens, there may not be many improvements: a faster chipset has been mentioned, but the design may not change. Any launch announcement will probably take the form of an Apple press release rather than a special occasion.

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Kwesi Afful
Kwesi Afful
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