How To Prevent Your Phone From Over Heating

smartphone iphone battery heating up

Smartphones can get complicated at times and also disappoint us. Allow me to share my experience with you, see I had this smartphone I used to take pictures with since photography is my part-time job. I mean looking at the fact that I didn’t have a professional camera,  that was my source of livelihood.

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Until one fateful day, my phone became surprisingly hot as though it was been boiled, literally. My battery was not helping my matter at all, one minute is full, the next it is off, this slowed down my business and soon I lost most of my customers.

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You could be going through similar experiences and  I am here to tell you that there is a solution to it. This article will provide you with ways you can prevent your smartphone from heating but before that let us take a look at what makes the smartphone heat. An obvious reason is the overuse of the phone or consistently connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker for too long. Some other reasons include; playing too many games, display brightness remaining high, Wi-Fi been connected for too long.

What we should know is that there is a difference between your phone being warm and that being hot. An example is after playing a game for fifteen minutes you feel the phone is slightly warmer, this is understandable. But if the phone becomes surprisingly hot to the touch, then there is a need for worry.

Steps to stop iPhone or android smartphones  from heating

smartphone iphone battery heating up

Now to our main question for the day, how can the heating stop?

Remove the phone’s case and allow airplane mode to be on to disable all connectivity,

  • Keep the phone away from direct sunlight
  • Reduce the display brightness where possible
  • Use battery saver mode, direct a cooler air e.g. Fan, AC, etc. at your phone but mind you, don’t put it in a fridge or freezer
  • Clean up your phone of all junk files
  • Put off Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi, and GPS until needed.

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Following these steps will help you avoid your smartphone from heating up regularly.  In case the situation continues, Android users can get these apps to check their battery health; Phone Doctor Plus, Phone Check (and test), Dead Pixels Test and fix, and AccuBattery.

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