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How to use Gmail to send huge files

When trying to send a huge file over Gmail, the Gmail file size limit message prevents you. It can be a little annoying to transmit a huge file across numerous emails, especially in this day and age. Since a large number of people use Gmail as their primary email service, blocking users from receiving or sending large files may cause their inboxes to get clogged. However, there are simple methods for sending files of any size on Gmail.

This article offers advice on how to send huge files using Gmail, whether you’re using an Android phone or one of the top Chromebooks. By using these techniques, you can exceed the 25MB file size limit and send video files up to 10GB in size. Is that fascinating? Let’s get started.

What is the Gmail attachment size limit?

Users can send emails with up to 25MB of attachments, according to Google. No matter how many files you transmit, they shouldn’t total more than 25MB in size. But Gmail does something clever, which we’ll cover later in this article, to allow you to email attachments larger than 25 MB.

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The important thing to note in this situation is that your files and their encoded duplicates are both included in the 25MB file size. You actually only receive 12.5MB, which is a small amount. They also have similar email file size restrictions when compared to other email service providers. Look at this:

• Yahoo: 25MB
• AOL: 25MB
• Outlook: 20MB
• Hotmail: 10MB

So, if you switch to another email provider, you still have the same email file size limitations.

How do I send a Gmail email that contains huge files?

You can send an email in Gmail with huge files in a number of ways. Gmail gives you a simple way to transmit files with huge attachments. Let’s examine the various approaches.

Using Google Drive on a computer

A Google cloud storage option is called Google Drive. It allows you to upload files and documents that you can quickly link to and share with everyone. Here’s how to get around the 25MB email attachment file size limit using Google Drive.

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1. Open Google Drive in a browser on your PC.
2. Press the New button on the left pane.
3. Select either File upload or Folder upload option, based on what you want to upload. If you have multiple files to send, choose the Folder upload option.
4. Select the file and upload it to Google Drive.
5. Open Gmail in your favorite web browser.
6. Click the Compose button to create a new email.
7. Click Insert files using Drive button at the bottom of the Compose screen.
8. Select the file or folder you just uploaded to Google Drive and click the Insert button.
9. The file or folder is inserted into your email.

You may quickly send the email after adding the body. The email with the link to the file is delivered to the addressee. The file can be downloaded by tapping it.

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Kwesi Afful
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