5G africa 2020 - How is Africa prepared

The launching of 5G technology in Africa 2020 Network has been part of the plan coming these few years for most developed and developing countries. The trend at which technology is moving is tremendous and if you can’t join the train you will be left behind.

As part of the agenda for most developing countries, it will be needed to have a 5G network or even beyond. But then the questions come, what means for Africa to have the 5G in 2020 and is Africa prepared?

5G africa 2020 - How is Africa prepared


Africa readiness and plan will decide its 5G fate

When it comes to preparation every individual or country has a set of prepared tools to accept any task or havoc. But your readiness and plan determine everything. Africa’s population keeps growing at an alarming rate and once the population keeps increasing there must be a need to cater for a whole lot including communication and technology. There are over 50 countries in Africa but as to how many have even 4G network availability is a bit of an issue.

Does it mean 5G means nothing to Africa? No! We can’t say that but it’s a step by step approach. The funding and infrastructure might not be there but 5G will mean a lot to Africa in terms of communication, the Internet of Things, Self Driving Cars, and Drones, etc. The introduction of the 5G network to Africa will pave ways for individuals, firms and the country itself to communicate at a faster moment. Africa 5G 2020 indeed can be a blessing to Africa and there may be ease in data transferring and communication.

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the continent is ready, but our capacity will determine how ready we are

Back to the readiness of 5G in Africa, 5G may be as popular as the 3G was or is now when it is introduced. But it may take a couple of months or perhaps a year for most countries to get this speedy network. Africa is a developing continent although a few countries in Africa can be termed as developed but does it mean we can handle the 5G network?


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The idea of Africa’s readiness is to accept the 5G is there but do we have the capacity, the finance and the technology to accept this 5G network. It may be unfortunate that a few populations can have access due to the lack of infrastructure and capital needed to transmit data at this fast pace. 5G will mean a lot to Africa but our preparation lies in our own hands.

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