5G Antenna Spreading CoronaVirus: What’s the Truth?

5g antenna corona virus



5G Antenna and Corona Virus – The Real truth (this is one is about the truth on people saying 5g technology is causing the coronavirus) We just have let you (our readers) understand that technology cannot spread the virus or COVID 19)

Virus and Technology? – What have you been thinking of or what has been on your mind ever since coronavirus came, with relations with technology?

There has been a serious conspiracy with coronavirus and technology, others think that 5g is causing the virus; others also think the 5g is transmitting the virus to other places. So many theories and questions relating to the coronavirus and 5g.

5g antenna corona virus

But we are here to let you understand, the correlation between the 5G antenna and coronavirus is less 1% that shows it is insignificant. We can say technology has progressed well ever since this virus came around but to have 5G causing he virus to spread, we would have to brush down that talk.

5G Antenna does not cause or spread Virus

Fortunately, technology has really progressed since the last global pandemic. The scientist has been working hard to maximize time and solely a lot of global challenges.


5G, on the other hand, is a technology to provide an extra-large pipe of the internet to connect mobile phones and other devices (10x the current speed and volume data that is being provided 4G). 5G is a technology designed to carry voice and Big Data using non-ionizing electromagnetic waves as a means of transport over the air interface to devices. These devices are mainly electronic devices and not human beings.

corona virus 5g antenna

The non-ionizing electromagnetic waves or radiation is the range of frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum that cannot cause harm to the human tissue/cell/DNA when exposed to the radiation. E.g. FM Radio Frequencies, Television Frequencies, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G frequencies.

Also, public health is at risk because of such conspiracy theories. Recall that some theories assume that not the coronavirus but 5G antenna radiation causes COVID-19. Such a belief may lead people to avoid being in the vicinity of 5G masts yet ignore the safety regulations of health officials.

That theory is “based on nothing,” “There are no indications from scientific studies that 5G, or any other G, affects the immune system,” he says. “If that would be the case, we would have seen effects on the scale and severity of infectious diseases already decades ago.

The answer is absolutely not. Correlation alone does not mean causation.


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