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A Year after GhanaPostGPS whats next

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It has been more than a year since GhanaPostGPS was launched, aiming at solving our address system. So to explain the GhanaPostGPS is the official digital and physical addressing system which covers every corner and inch of the country. The motive is to ensure all spaces are being covered. And with the GhanaPostGPS every inch or within a 5-meter radius has a unique address.


The introduction of the GhanaPostGPS has done a positive that a negative one. With every item, there is a negative and positive side to it. Let’s face it trying to pick the negative side of it can be difficult but after all, some challenges will come. The GhanaPostGPS has been a blessing to the country, making physical locations easy to find. The situation of properties and avenues are not easy to locate due to the introduction of this digital addressing system.

The future is really exciting looking at the trend at which the digital addressing system is moving. The amazing thing is the geocoding making it situate or find a definite point and naming it. Each day new ideas and technologies show up, and the motive is to make human life easier. There is more to be done in terms of addressing it to most Ghanaians

The GhanaPostGPS has been a blessing to the country, making physical locations easy to find

The negative energy surrounding it might influence the digital addressing system and it will be irrelevant as well for it to be politicized. It has been one of the best innovative ideas by the government. This has a safe cost in terms of trying to rename properties and locate people.

In my opinion, I believe it will be a good idea if GhanaPostGPS is made mandatory and also a requirement when it comes to business registration, National Identification card, and other services.

GhanaPostGPS has a long way to go but gradually many issues are being solved regularly. We hold on and to seek the betterment of this addressing system.

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