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[UPDATED] AirtelTigo bundle packages, code, how to bundle & more[2024]


AirtelTigo Ghana

There are many data bundles and plans available from AirtelTigo Ghana, and you can subscribe to or buy each of them on your smartphone and enjoy none-stop internet service from them.



In this article, we will go through the various internet packages that AirtelTigo has made available for its customers to enjoy




AirtelTigo Bundles 

AirtelTigo offers internet data plans that are suited for everyone who uses the internet daily.  There are now five (5) primary data plans that are used to classify all of these various data bundles.




AirtelTigo Bundle Packages

The Big Time Data Bundle, Night Bundles, AirtelTigo Morning Rush Bundle, Family Pack (XXL), and Sika Kokoo Bundles are some of the options available to you. Here are the AirtelTigo data plans. Take your time through the list and select the best data plan for you.


airteltigo 30gb bundle code

To get the AirtelTigo 30GB bundle, dial *111#, choose option 1 for Big Time Data, then select option 9, and finally, opt for option 1. Follow these simple steps to activate the 30GB bundle on your AirtelTigo number.






AirtelTigo BigTime Bundle

The AirtelTigo Bigtime Data Bundles are the basic data bundles given by AirtelTigo to all its subscribers. This package is unique in that it never expires.

They are fantastic data packages of up to 225GB with no expiry. The prices vary from 50p for 25MB to GHS 400 for 225GB.


  • To buy BigTime Data bundles, dial *111*1# and follow the directions.


  • Also Dail *126*PIN# to top up from scratch cards.


  • All prepaid users may get these data packages.


  • BigTime Data packages are great gifts.


  • Customers may buy these data packages using their normal airtime account or AirtelTigo Money.

Customers who buy BigTime Data bundles with AirtelTigo Money receive even more data.


AirtelTigo Bundles




Price (GHS) Via Airtime Account Via AirtelTigo Money
0.50 25MB
1 65MB 65MB
2 155MB 155MB
5 625MB 625MB
10 1.6GB 1.75GB
20 4.3GB 4.65GB
50 10.4GB 11GB
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How to buy AirtelTigo Midnight Bundle

Tigo midnight bundle

This data package from AirtelTigo, as the name implies, is designed for folks who are most active during the night hours of their lives.


This data package is perfect for anybody who wants to download, watch, or even work. Between the hours of midnight and 4:00 am, this sort of data bundle is available for use.



To buy the AirtelTigo Night Bundle, dial the short code *111#, choose option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles), and then choose option 3 (AirtelTigo Night Bundle) (Night Packs).



Here are the available packages for the AirtelTigo Midnight Bundle

Amount Volume (GB) Validity
GHS 3 4.5 12 am – 4 am
GHS 5 7.5 12 am – 4 am




AirtelTigo Morning Rush Bundle

Similar to the Night Bundle, this data bundle has been designed for persons who want to get up in the morning and check their emails, go on social media or use the internet for other valid purposes.    It is valid from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays only.


Dial the short code *111#, choose option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles), then select option 2, and then follow the on-screen directions to complete the transaction.


Amount Volume (GB) Validity
GHS 1 1.1 4 am – 7 am
GHS 2 2.5 4 am – 7 am



AirtelTigo Family Bundle

This bundle is designed for families with several children. You understand what I’m talking about. With this deal, you will get a data bundle that you may share with up to three members of your family. This service is accessible to all AirtelTigo prepaid customers.




When you dial the short code *111#, pick option 4 (Sika Kokoo and Other Bundles), and then follow the on-screen directions to choose the bundle that best meets your needs, you’ll be on your way. The following are the packages that are currently available.



Amount Volume Validity
GHS 99 25 GB 30 days
GHS 200 55 GB 30 days
GHS 350 170 GB 30 days
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AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo Bundle

You can get more data at a lower price with the AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo data bundle, which is good for up to 5 days. As a whole, this bundle represents excellent value for money and is a solid option for streaming, downloading, and gaming.



Sika Kokoo offers extra data for up to 15 days. The best choice for internet streaming, movie and music downloading, and gaming.




How to buy AirtelTigo Sika Kokoo Bundle

  • To buy Sika Kokoo bundles, dial *111*4# and choose option 1.


  • Prepaid and hybrid users may get bundles.


  • Any of these packages may be purchased at any time.



  • The Sika Kokoo bundle now features a 24-hour rollover option.


  • A new Sika Kokoo data bundle must be purchased within 24 hours.


  • The consumer may use both current and freshly bought data (i.e. the new Sika Kokoo data bundle is added to the already existing Sika Kokoo data bundle)


  • If the consumer does not purchase a new Sika Kokoo data bundle within 24 hours, the previous data is lost.




Amount Volume Validity
GHS 3 1GB 1 day
GHS 5 1.1GB 3 days
GHS 6 2GB 2 days
GHS 10 3GB 5 days
GHS 11 4.5GB 2 days
GHS 15 5.5 GB 4 days
GHS 20 7GB 5 days


AirtelTigo Bundle Code

Particularly, this is the USSD short code *111# for buying and subscribing to all the internet packages AirtelTigo Ghana has to offer.


airtel unlimited internet package

To subscribe to an unlimited data plan, follow these steps:

1. Dial *111# on your mobile
2. Select option 3
3. Select option 1 for Unlimited Daily Data or option 2 for Unlimited Night Data
4. Follow the instructions to complete the subscription



how to buy data bundle on airteltigo

You don’t have to spend much to purchase AirtelTigo data on your phone to access the internet. The ussd code remains *111#. Dial it and get access to Ghana’s best data bundle. It’s simple!

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What is AirtelTigo Bundle Code?

For AirtelTigo Internet data packages, you simply have to dial this
shortcode *111#, follow the prompt, and choose from unlimited data packages for AirtelTigo Ghana


Does AirtelTigo Sika kokoo bundle expire?

AirtelTigo sika kokoo bundle is different when compared to other network data plans. Well to answer the question if the Sika kokoo bundle expires or not? the answer is YES but you will have the chance to get any unused data plan back from the sika kokoo if you purchase another sika kokoo bundle within 24 hours. So do make sure you get a new plan within the set time to avoid losing your unused data


How do you bundle Tigo Unlimited?

To get yourself a bundle for tigo unlimited plan, you have to dial this short ussd short code *111# and choose option 3 for the unlimited call plan or bundle to subscribe to it.


how to buy bundle on airteltigo

To bundle on AirtelTigo, Here is how to do it;
1. Dial the bundle code *111# and choose from the bundle packages available. Some of the packages are; Big Time Data Bundle, Sika Kokoo Bundles, Family Pack(XXL) and the Night Bundles


airteltigo hourly bundle code

To subscribe to the Tigo hourly bundle code, dial the USSD code *111#, then kindly select option 4. On the list, choose Morning Rush to subscribe to the hourly bundle.


how to check tigo bundle

To check your Tigo data bundle, you have to use this ussdcode *504# to check all data remaining or bonuses available



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