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Beginners Tips – How To Use Your iPhone




When it comes to using iOS devices especially iPhone most people who are not tech-inclined have issues using them. And even those who are tech-inclined just hates the complexity in iPhone. But did you know you could use your iPhone without worrying too much about complications? People make it seem android is much easier than iOS but trust me this is an unbiased opinion and I believe you can use your iPhone so easy and safe.

So basically, I will show you tips and information on how to keep your iPhone safe and use it without complications.

  • Always get iTunes on your laptop. Yes, you need to have iTunes on your laptop, whether mac or windows. This will save you from so many things. When you have iTunes it makes it easier to get music or import music unto your iPhone library anytime anywhere. Also, it gives you the chance to update your iPhone when a new release shows up. Another epic thing about iTunes is the ability to use it as your back up. You can back up data on iTunes anytime and re-install even when you change your device.



  • Always keep your iPhone up to date. It’s important to do so because of bug issues. Apple always fixes issues pertaining to their OS and it seems once in a month there is a new update to make your device run fine and fast. Aside from that always updates your apps on your apple device to keep it working smoothly.



  • Keep your iPhone from too much heat and too much cold. This could make your battery drain fast. And because the phone finds itself in a bad weather condition it pressures it to work fine thereby heating it.



  • Always keep your phone clean. Make sure to clear pores around the phone to make it safe to charge and use your speaker or air pods/earpiece.

It is very important to get a good case that won’t trap dirt and heat to your iPhone.

And when it comes it settings, choose the best option just to save your battery and life span of the phone as well.

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