Why you shouldn’t advertise your business on whatsApp

Hi, can you please share this on your WhatsApp status for meIt is now the order of the day from friends/family who are starting their business.  I have come across this statement countless times from friends, relatives, and love ones seeking to have a piece of my WhatsApp status. Today we focus on business advertise on WhatsApp and why does it matter?

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First of all, we all know what WhatsApp is meant for. Taking away the SMS system and replacing it with a modern, convenient, and low-cost way of keeping in touch with friends, relatives, and love once, etc… fast forward it became a must-have app for communicating and till now still is.

Why you shouldn’t advertise your business on whatsApp


Now let’s focus on the advertising business on WhatsApp status. You share a funny video, gif, and image on your status, a few hours later your views are maxed out! You feel happy, you just entertained number contacts on your status but can that same be said about advertising your product on your status?

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Advertise Business On Whatsapp: Understanding 100 views per status post

Okay pay attention, for example, you achieve a maximum of 100 views per status post and you think… I can do the same with my business. I am getting this amount of views then I can make more sales if I put some product or my business there.  Fast forward you placed a few of your products on your status and to your surprise, you achieved the same views as per normal post but zero sales made. You keep going with post after post after post but luckily you made a sale but not exactly what you were expecting.

advertise business Whatsapp


We forget that most of the status viewers are not buyers, they are simply looking for something to entertain their boring day and hoping to find that on your status. Monetizing your WhatsApp views or advertise a business on WhatsApp status is not an option when you’re looking to make sales but let’s not forget it is one of the ways to increase brand awareness.

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