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Digital life refers to individuals over-dependency on technology whereas love is explained as an intense feeling of deep affection

Technology has been likened to fire it has its pros and cons. Everything in this life has its good and bad sides,  we try to make the good overcome the bad to avoid cases of addiction and loneliness. Technology or digitization has helped a lot but similarly destroyed many lives. Today, we are looking at how to blend our digital lives with our love lives.

Larry Irving once said “there is almost no area in which digital technology has not impacted me and my family’s life

digital life

Believe you me, many met their partners on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and the likes and begun dating from there. This supports the saying in Akan that “3sono baabi obia hyia me d)fo” which translates there are different places people meet their loved ones.

Technology with the use of dating sites have helped people find love as said earlier, it has also minimized the distant relationships gap amongst partners with the use of video chatting apps, social media platforms and instant texting apps.

Notwithstanding the good impact of technology, it has ruined many relationships today because one party has become glued to gadgets and digitization that they have become addicts to it forgetting to pay attention to their loved ones.

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Set your priorities right, then pay attention to what’s important

How can one blend these two in other to avoid separation?

Looking at the fact that we cannot do away with these(digital life and relationships) two, we need to blend them to ensure that our lives be on the right path. One must also strengthen the face to face communication between partners and avoid letting digitization rule our love lives

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