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Freight Class Calculator || How Freight Class Is Determined? 


The freight class system is created by NMFTA which is abbreviated as the national motor freight association. Their purpose of creation is to order pricing and weight for various types shipped by trucks.


Freight class is mainly determined by their density which is weight over volume. To keep in view this one, how does your freight fit in a carrier truck?


Well! We have a remarkable tool for you, we present to you a fedex class calculator. Our easy-to-use gadget will allow you to efficiently estimate freight size and weight so you can stay focused on your aim, and figure out what it takes to achieve your desired rank.

What Is Freight Class?

Freight class is a standard that is used by shipment transport companies. It is the method for freight rate pricing. By this term, shippers make their transportation chain flow. This way, exporters can determine the weight and volume to categorize the boxes.


Our freight class calculator fedex provides the best alternative for manual calculations by considering length, width, height, weight, and pallet quantity. It saves a lot of time & provides accurate results.

Formula To Calculate Freight Class: 

Freight class determination needs certain factors before calculations. Length, width, height, and density are the bases of the LTL freight class. In other and simple words, we say that it is a space that any product occupies in relation to its weight.


Freight formulas are:


  • Freight Class = Shipment Weight/Volume
  • Freight volume = length * width * height
  • Freight density = weight/volume

Example Of Freight Class:

Suppose that there is a box in the container that has dimensions like 8ft, 3ft, and 7ft with a weight of 288 lbs. Calculate the volume and density of that parcel.



Volume = 8 × 3 × 7


Volume = 168 cu ft


Now for the density of the box, we divide the total weight by its volume.


Density = 288/168


Density = 1.714

How To Use Freight Class Calculator?

Our handy-to-use freight class calculator is designed to keep you facilitated and gives accurate results. Look at the points in the below section.

Data Input:

  • Enter the Length of your freight
  • Put the width of your freight
  • Put the height of your box
  • Enter the weight of the shipment in their respective positions
  • Press the “Calculate” button.

Data Output:

  • The volume of the consignment
  • The density of the shipment
  • Freight class

Characteristics For Overall Transportability: 

The term that describes overall transportability. There are four metrics that are helpful in the calculation of freight class for any cargo.

  • Density
  • Liability
  • Handling
  • Stow ability


Freight class charges are computed by considering some factors with the help of a freight class calculator. Our advance and free calculator considers the weight, height, length, and width for freight calculations. After putting these parameters put the quantity of your pallet and tap on the calculate button to generate the fast and quick answer. So without wasting time make sure to use this advanced calculator.

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