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Rent Control – Government To Digitalize Its Operations

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Ghana Rent Control was established in 1963 by an act of parliament. The department provides administrative and professional service to the public and works in collaboration with landlords and tenants to promote peaceful coexistence.

Accommodation is amongst the biggest problems in the country, take a walk through town and you will see many homeless adults and kids lying on the streets.

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Reason being that they have no place of abode, whereas those who decide to rent a place cannot pay the huge advance on it.


Ghana Rent Control
Ghana Rent Control

Questions have been raised about why landlords continuously insist on two years advance.  Economists define this as a market failure, tenants, on the other hand, do not know whether they are going to be able to pay the rent or not.


About Ghana rent controls department

Landlords also are not sure if tenants will pay the rent or not so to be on a safer side they usually want a large advance. Sadly the tenant does not earn enough to pay for this huge amount.

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After several deliberations, the Government of Ghana has listed some precautions which will soon take effect regarding the issue. They include the design of a policy framework to address rental issues, submission to the cabinet, and then later submitted to Parliament for approval. There is going to be a new Rent Control bill which will replace the existing moribund Rent Act of Ghana (Act 220) which was passed in 1963

According to Vice President Dr. Bawumia, the government is working on a number of initiatives to address the problems affecting the provision of affordable housing and resolving matters involving rent.

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The future for rent control in Ghana


Vice President of Ghana, Dr Bawumia
Vice President of Ghana, Dr Bawumia

“The heart of the problem is one of an adequate supply of housing in our country. We are going to have to look at addressing that particular issue of improving the supply of housing stock. The issue of Rent Control brings tenants and landlords together in harmony”. He added.

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Ghana Rent Control
Ghana Rent Control

Dr. Bawumia recently paid an unannounced visit to the offices of Rent Control together with the Minister for Works and Housing, Mr. Samuel Atta Akyea, Mrs. Barbara Asher Ayisi  (his deputy). These dignitaries were taken around by the Chief Rent Control Officer, Mr. Twum Ampofo, who explained the operations and problems involved in ensuring a peaceful rental environment.


The government is to come in to provide a bridge so that whether it is through guarantees or insurance, landlords can be a little more confident that the tenants will pay. With issues regarding rent advance, the government will modernize and digitize the Rent Control Office. National ID and digital addresses will be used at this stage.

The Government will be updating its citizens as time goes on in order for everyone to understand.

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