How To Increase Battery Life
How To Increase Battery Life On Android Devices



Are battery savers really worth the try? When it comes to increasing battery life the only way is to manage it and not to exhaust all the charge cycles soon. Each phone has its own charge cycle and whether it’s new or used, there are ways to preserve the battery life.

Increasing the battery’s life is just as preserving it, by that way you get to know how to use your phone and prevent it from running low quickly. In that case, it reduces the number of times you can charge it.


Android is an open-source and once you acquire an android device you may see so many pre-install apps as part of the operating system. The other side of it is how one app can serve so many purposes and how so may apps serve the same purpose.

There are few things that can help you save your charge cycle. Always don’t let your phone go below 20%. It’s better to keep it charged between 30% to 80%.

Android is open source

How To Increase Battery Life On Android Devices

Always turn location off and frequent switching of background apps. Always make sure to turn off GPS unless it is necessary to do so. These tips will help you save energy and prevent your battery from running low quickly. In that sense, you save a cycle of charge.

Make sure to select apps you don’t use and restrict background data usage. On the other hand, it’s always better to restrict apps that start right up when the phone is switched on.  This reduces the pressure on the processor which will preserve your phone in the long run. Always try and update your apps and phone, not forgetting to reduce brightness and keep it at a cool temperature designed for it.


Following these simple rules can help your charge cycles which in the long run will aid in keeping your battery strong and extending its life’s usage.

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