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ICT at Center Of National Dev’t – List Of Tech Innovation Executed By the NPP Gov’t



ICT, is the way forward for every country!

Disclaimer: Fifty7Tech needs no introduction about its desire to put Ghana tech on the map, as we have been doing so in our previous articles. This article is no exception, IT IS NOT POLITICALLY MOTIVATED!

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The NPP government led by his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo, as he defeated President John Dramani of the New Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December 7 general elections to become the 5th president of the 4th republic. The Republic of Ghana, a nation in the West African subregion along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Ghana’s sudden technological transition (TC), or technological advancement as represented by the New Patriotic Party, is the ultimate phase of technology or process invention, creativity, and dissemination.

The NPP vowed to turn the country’s technological base at the launch of its party’s manifesto captioned “Change, an agenda for jobs.” As the dust settles on the 2016 election, this article seeks to examine what Nana Addo’s Government achievement from the Science, Technology, and Innovation market.

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The New Patriotic Party said about the future of technology and ICT here? The NPP said it would put ICT (information, communication, and technology) at the center of the national development agenda.


Through the Ministry of Communications, the Government of Ghana is playing a pivotal role in developing a comprehensive system to promote economic digitization in a way that captures and benefits every person.

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Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) have become an important element in any country’s equation for growth and development. All sectors of the economy are being disrupted and handled efficiently by developing science and technology: electricity, transportation, climate, education health, and others. Therefore, harnessing STI’s capacity for national growth is crucial for all developing economies.


The NPP government as part of their measures to make Ghana grow in the tech world have improved from the local world to the technological world where things have become much smoother. .Below, we focus on the technological changes this current Government over their term has made. Processing Passport Online, Ghana Digital Card, Paperless Port, NHIS Digital Renewal, and the likes.

NHIS Digital Renewal and Other ICT policies executed

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  • Processing Passport Online 

This has really help Ghanaians in so many ways. The processing of the Ghana passport online as implemented but the Current NPP government. This has served as a means to avoid non-essential queues and non-essential travels to go and do your card rather than getting it done at your own convenience.


  • Ghana Digital Card



Ghana introduced electronic chip-based national identification known as Ghana Card in 2017. For registration, Ghanaians present documents such as birth certificates, driving licenses, and passports. Their biometric features such as fingerprints and face are captured, and they are later issued with the card also as a result of traveling, the Ghana Card is used to validate a person’s identity at airports, borders, police check posts and while booking tickets. The emerging Ghana railway travel may require a person to carry their Ghana Card especially if e-tickets are introduced.


  • Renewal of NHIS Digitally. 

The introduction of how to renew the national Health Insurance at your own convenience. This has also reduced the rate of long queues. he NHIS Mobile Renewal is a convenient method to renew NHIS policy by dialing dedicated NHIS short-code *929# (service is currently being piloted on *842*10# and is open in Asuogyaman and West Mamprusi districts). The mobile renewal service can be accessed from all networks.

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  • Paperless Port System

This means the Gov’t will focus on reducing the paper workload mostly at the port thereby making it digital to allow smooth operations.


These are the few tech processes implemented by this current government we could focus on. We hope to see more coming from any political party that rules this country in the near future, Ghana deserves more innovation and technology.

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