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How to tell if your Instagram account has been hacked




Instagram account hacked. Hackers often target your social media accounts in an effort to get access to your personal and private information. Here’s how to determine whether your Instagram account is in danger.


The social media platform Instagram is all fun and games until your account is hijacked. In order to become a target of hackers, you do not need to be an Instagram influencer or have an unusually large number of followers. It is possible for anybody using the image-sharing social networking app to be hacked, and it is not always obvious when your account has been compromised.


What are the signs that your Instagram account has been hacked?


The social media platform Instagram has around one billion active users at the moment and having your Instagram account stolen directly implies that your phone number and email address are in danger. The digital security specialists at F-secure, an IT security business, have revealed the warning indicators to watch out for in order to determine whether or not your Instagram account has been compromised. Here’s how to tell whether your account has been compromised:

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The most fundamental clue that anything is wrong is if your registered email address and phone number have been altered, for example. Hackers do this in order to prevent you from receiving change alerts. Go to your profile settings and double-check that the information you’ve added there is correct.

The fact that your account has been accessed from odd devices or has had unusual activity raises a red flag. Logins from questionable IP addresses are another thing to be on the lookout for.

Your profile has sent out messages to a large number of individuals, your account is following strange accounts, or your account has been banned because of spamming are all indicators to look out for.


The most effective method of protecting your account is to choose a strong password that contains both upper- and lower-case letters, as well as numbers and other unusual characters. If you become aware of any unusual behavior, reset your password and update your other account information promptly.

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What are the chances of your Instagram account being hacked?


The most common motive for many social media accounts to be created is in an effort to steal sensitive information. While everyone is at danger of falling victim to a scam, accounts with a large number of followers are at greater risk. Tom Gaffney, the main security specialist at F-Secure, verifies what we already know:


Instagram scams are on the rise right now, as a consequence of the social media platform’s increasing popularity and impact. The strength of Instagram is in the number of followers you have – the more the number of followers these firms can amass, the greater their ability to promote other criminal behavior.


Hackers do not distinguish between targets since their assaults are automated and carried out at scale, which means that they will damage users even if they have a small number of followers


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