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Mtn 5G In Ghana – Our Expectations


Mtn 5G In Ghana

Mtn 5G expectation. In 2016, MTN Ghana was the first and only existing telecom to have 4G LTE in Ghana. It acquired their 4G license or technically their 4G 8OOMHz FDD spectrum license in 2015. 4G LTE simply means Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution and the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology succeeding 3G/H/H+. It provides ten times the speed of the 3G network for supported devices.



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MTN Ghana later advanced to 4G+ service to provide faster data speeds for its customers. It runs on MTN’s existing 4G LTE Advanced technology and uses a combination of the 8OOMHz and 2600MHz spectrum. With this combination, MTN 5G will provide its customers with capacity and enhanced data speed.




5G technology is in its early stages

Recently the introduction of 5G to the world has got everyone interested to find out more about it.5G is the fifth-generation mobile network.


It is a new global wireless standard that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. Mtn 5G wireless technology will deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity.




With issues of ownership, there’s no particular company or persons that own 5G, however, there are several companies within the mobile ecosystem that are contributing to bringing 5G to life.5G is based on OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency division multiplexity) a method of modulating a digital signal across different channels to reduce interference.



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It uses wider bandwidth technologies including 6GHz and MmWave. It also used a 5G NR air interface alongside OFDM principles Litre 4G LTE, 5G OFDM operators based on the same mobile networking principles.




5G has been deployed in twenty-plus countries and counting with the exception of Ghana. These countries include Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Japan, and the list continues.



Mtn 5G will have a positive effect on Ghana’s economy

Well, the full economic effect of 5G will likely be realized across the globe by 2035 supporting a wide range of industries and potentially enabling up to $13.2 trillion worth of goods and services.


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Ghanaians are looking forward to 5G, some schools of thought believe that MTN GHANA will be the first telco to bring 5G to the country since they did it before in the case of 4G. We keep asking the question of how soon it will be, that is if we assume without admitting, well MTN GHANA answered via Twitter. On April 4, 2020, MTN GHANA said they do not have 5G technology in Ghana yet.

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