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How to Borrow Money on MTN Ahomka Loan [2024]


Mtn quick loan

MTN Ahomka Loan is a new mobile money financial service launched by MTN to assist customers in times of financial hardship. The COVID-19 pandemic is said to have prompted the establishment of this service.



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Ahomka loan mtn

MTN Ahomka is a loan product similar to MTN Qwik Loan and MTN Xpress Loan. It’s an unsecured, short-term cash loan that’s paid into your Mobile Money pocket. All you need is a registered and active MTN phone number to apply for the new MTN loan.




Who is qualifies for an MTN Ahomka Loan? 

To be eligible for the new loan service, you must use Mobile Money regularly and top up your airtime for 90 days.




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Ahomka loan contact number

the Ahomka mtn loan number is no different from the quick loan. it’s simply *170# then comply with the instructions to be able to get your ahomka loan



How to Apply for MTN Ahomka Loan 

MTN has now released the Ahomka loan, a new loan scheme.

  • Step #1: You have to Dial *170#
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  • Step #2: Select Option 5 for Financial Services


  • Step #3: Select 3 Loans to choose your preferences


  • Step #4: Select Option 3 for the Ahomka Loan


  • Step #5: Select Option 1 to get a Loan


  • Step #6: Enter Your Pin To Confirm


  • Step #7: Select Option 1 to view Offers


  • Step #8: Enter your preferred amount between 50GH to 1000


  • Step #9: Enter Option 1 to Confirm Repayment Plan


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After you confirm repayment, you will receive an SMS containing the loan sum you requested as well as the transaction’s service charge.



MTN will then loan you the desired amount directly into your Mobile Money Account, which you can verify by dialing *170#.

mtn ahomka loan


If you do not pay your loan balance by the due date, you will be charged a late payment fee, as specified when you applied for the loan.




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Pay your loan on time, every time, and continue to use your MoMo account to apply for larger loans from MTN Ahomka Loan in the future.

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mtn quick loan contact number

For the mtn quick loan number, you must dial Dial *170# and follow the instructions. But if you’re looking to get the mtn quick loan contact number, the only option is to contact mtn by dialing 100 and speaking to a customer agent. 




how to borrow money from mtn

If you’re asking how to borrow money from mtn then I won’t know how to get this question answered but what I know is that MTN does not borrow customers’ money. However, they do make avenues for customers to get needed funds through their Quick loan service.




mtn quick loan code

The mtn quick loan code has always been the mtn mobile money code. That is the *170# you then move to option 5 for financial service, right from there you should see a list, and among them is Option 3 which is for loans. Choose that and proceed.




Xpress loan mtn

MTN Ghana Xpress Loan is a borrowing or credit service available on the MTN Mobile Money platform that allows ordinary mobile money customers to access a loan/credit facility in a matter of minutes using their mobile phone.

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Does MTN still give quick loan?

The answer to this question is Yes, MTN still gives quick loans and many are still getting approved to receive the cash or funds they requested for. Even though the requirement for getting a loan is the same, getting approved lately has been a bit tougher for some customers. 


how can i borrow money from mtn?

The mtn ahomka loan gives access to its customers to borrow money. You just to have to be qualified for it and you get your money but remember there are terms and conditions to follow.


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What is MTN ahomka loan?

that’s paid into your Mobile Money pocket. All you need is a registered and active MTN phone number to apply for the new MTN loan.


How do I take loan from MTN?

Dial *170#
Select Option 5 for Financial Services
Select 3 for Loans to choose your preferences
Select Option 3 for the Ahomka Loan
Select Option 1 to get a Loan
Enter Your PIN to Confirm
Select Option 1 to view Offers
Enter your preferred amount between 50GH to 1000



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  1. I requested for the Ahomka loan this morning.
    Money isn’t reflecting in my wallet but Ahomka loan says I’m owing them.
    How do I go about this.

  2. I don’t owed MTN quick loan yet my name is on their defaulters list and as a result my bank is denying me my loan

  3. I was given for the first and second time but I have been dined for the third time but the second time loan was paid 3weeks before the due date

  4. Good afternoon. Please I have paid for my loan and applying for new one to pay my fees but mtn is denying me and asking me to use my sim or wallet frequently. I am always using it for all my transactions. Please kindly approve my loan for me🙏. Thank you


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