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11 Years Of Mtn Mobile Money – How They Changed Africa’s Mobile Payments Solutions Forever



Mtn Ghana mobile money or momo through the years. As years go by, months keep coming there will always be new inventions and innovations. Ideas keep changing and it is nothing new, the best is to improve and make them more attractive.



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The journey of MTN Mobile Money has been a fruitful one and it still going to be glamorous. The concept of the MTN Mobile Money was to bridge the gap between money transfers and locations. Making a money transfer safe, convenient, and easy. The idea of the MTN Mobile Money erupted 10 years ago and ever since other telecommunication has been tapping in.

MTN Ghana’s mobile financial service has launched its 10th anniversary with numerous packages, promotion offers and also urging its customers to be security conscious and keep their wallets safe. They promised to provide good tips and assurance to their subscribers when it comes to keeping their money safe on their MTN mobile money wallet.

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Mtn mobile money has been on a fruitful Journey

Mr. Eli Hini, the General Manager of Mobile Financial service at MTN Ghana, launched the anniversary on the theme “MoMoAt10…Making Life Simple” at the Madina Market on 6th June 2019.

Ever since MTN mobile money came into being, transactions within an institution, especially banks, have been so easy and fast. The mobile money idea indeed has been a tremendous one, and its trickle-down effect seems very positive as the years go by.

About a decade ago it was not that easy to send money to someone who was far away or perhaps let’s say in another region within Ghana. It could take you hours or days to get money to your preferred destination, with queues upon queues and so much pressure all around you.


Although there were few challenges when MTN Mobile Money first arrived but as time went on things became much better and safe. The convenience has been very good and as months go by MTN Mobile Money keeps evolving.


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MTN Mobile money created more opportunities for individuals across Ghana and even in other parts of the world. Stay at home and pay your bills at ease, well tell me isn’t that beautiful and convenient? Indeed the MTN MOMO journey has been a great one.


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