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How To Transfer Money From Mtn Momo To Bank Account

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Mtn mobile money number users who are interested in sending money from their momo account into their bank accounts,  there’s a way to do that with zero charges.  Yes, you read right! But before that, there are some things you need to do to be able to transfer money from your Mtn mobile money account into your bank account.

For Mtn mobile money users with Ecobank Account numbers, you will need to submit a request to any of the banking halls available to you for your account number to be approved to use the service. This will take a few days for your account number to be linked to your Mtn mobile number. Once your account is active you’re good to go.

Users with bank accounts other than Ecobank can also follow the same steps to get their account numbers linked to their mtn mobile money numbers. Okay, let’s pay attention to how to transfer money from mtn mobile money number to your bank account with these easy steps to follow;


Follow these simple steps to transfer from Mtn mobile money number

  • Dial *170# from your dialer


  • Choose 5 for financial service

  • Select 1 for Bank service

  • Select 1 for Transfer to Bank

Most of the banks in Ghana can be found here and if you can’t locate your bank press #

To go to the next page then select your Bank from the list


  • Select the preferred bank from the list

After your account is approved it will pop up here then you select it


  • Enter the preferred amount to send

  • Enter your mobile money pin to confirm

Here are the simple steps to transfer money from mobile money number to account number.

Note that you can use these same steps to transfer money from your bank account to your mobile money number.

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