How to make free calls on MTN Ghana for 6 Months in 2021

mtn six months free call




Mtn six months free call offer. The biggest telecommunication company in Ghana, MTN with over 20 million subscribers and still counting. With their 4G LTE network MTN has the best and most reliable internet connection among its competitors with the Slogan “Everywhere You Go” meaning where ever you are, you can get connected to their service without any interruptions.

They provide some of the best offers for calls, data, and other affordable services.

The MTN is free after 1 which means you will be charged for the first minute of the call and the rest will be on MTN. Additional 50MB of data will be added to your account free of charge which will be valid for a day.

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Besides the free calls, the MTN mobile money also credits their users for using their platform for making transactions daily, each user is giving interest every three (3) months on the money they spend or transact on the platform.

This network provides lots of offers for its users, many of which we cannot list in this post but we will focus on the free calls on MTN offers. This offer allows you to make calls for 6 months free of charge.

We will give you detailed steps on how to make free calls for six (6) months using your MTN sim card.

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Who is qualified for this Offer?

The idea behind this offer by MTN is simple, make new users feel welcome to their family. So to be qualified for this offer, you must be a new user or purchased your mtn sim card recently for not more than 3 months ago.

mtn six months free call

How to Activate MTN Free 6 Months Call Offer

  • Dial *550#
  • Select 1: MTN free call offer
  • Type your MTN number
  • After, you will receive an SMS from MTN, prompting you have activated the 6 months free call. Also, note the duration too


What Numbers can I call for free After Activating the MTN Free Call Offer

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This offer only allows the user to select one MTN Ghana number to call for free for the period of 6 months. Just one lucky MTN number, so choose that number wisely.



How many Minutes and Hours Can You call this number After Activating this Offer?

There is no limit to calling the number you have chosen, any day any time, and any hour, the call will be allowed for as long as the duration of the six (6) months is not up. Feel free to make that call, enjoy the offer, and enjoying using the MTN network too.

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So this is how you can Activate the MTN free six (6) months call offer. Most people use more than 1 mtn sim or other networks, so whatever way you plan on activating this offer, make sure you follow the steps above and be on this offer.

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