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New Hasselblad Camera System to Be Unveiled by Oppo Find X7 Series

Oppo has said that a next-generation camera system co-developed with Hasselblad will be included in its forthcoming flagship phones.

The Find X7 Pro, which is probably going to launch in the first half of next year, is going to get the Hypertone camera technology that was unveiled on Wednesday. Additionally, it is said to be utilized on the company’s low-cost offerings, the OnePlus 12 phone and the Reno 11, both of which fall under the Oppo brand.

According to the firms, the HyperTone camera system is made to use computational photography to address common problems with mobile photography, such as distortion and image noise. There are three primary components that make up the HyperTone camera system: The primary camera system comes first, and according to Oppo, it will generate excellent photos for all focal lengths “whether its day or night.”

Next is the image engine, which Oppo claims will employ a new algorithm to minimize noise by 60%. The ProXDR display, which is the last component, is advertised as having eight times wider dynamic range on the screen.

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Oppo’s high-end flagship series, which is equipped with strong cameras, crystalline screens, and potent chipsets, is represented by the Find X name. Anticipated features of the Find X7 series’ telephoto module include a potent periscope-style telephoto lens that can zoom in closer than a standard telephoto lens on distant objects.

Additionally, additional distinctive filters and picture settings will be possible thanks to the Hasselblad cooperation, according to global marketing manager Bronius Rudnickas.

“It is a more organic and in-depth integration of the aesthetics and technology between both brands that will provide photography enthusiasts with enhanced image quality and stylized experiences, beyond what’s achievable on typical mobile phones,” Rudnickas said in a press release.

The Find X7’s portrait mode should benefit from the new camera system as well, as images with more accurate skin tones and a dramatic bokeh effect should be produced.

Oppo and Hasselblad announced a three-year collaboration in 2022 to jointly develop cutting-edge camera technologies for the Chinese phonemaker’s flagship Find X series. The collaboration is crucial for both businesses because it enables Oppo to take advantage of Hasselblad’s experience with camera technology to raise the calibre of its mobile photography.

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On the other hand, Hasselblad can increase its reach and brand awareness because of Oppo’s widespread presence.

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