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Quick Online loans in Ghana without Collateral [2024]


loans in Ghana without collateral

Looking for online loans in Ghana without collateral? Obtaining a loan in Ghana, regardless of the purpose for which the loan is sought, can be extremely difficult.

If it weren’t for the company’s unpleasant ups and downs, it would be their processing time or processing charge.


Collateral loans in Ghana

The provision of collateral, on the other hand, is the primary cause of most people’s inability to obtain credit.

Because most large loan companies only consider landed property and vehicles as collateral – which most people don’t have – collateral can be a huge impediment in the loan application process.




Quick loan in Ghana

So, in this article, we will take you through a list of online quick loans available in Ghana that don’t require any collateral.


online loans in ghana without collateral


Instant mobile money loans in Ghana without collateral


Zidisha Loans

When it comes to no-collateral loans, Zidisha is always at the top of the list. Zidisha does not require any type of security from applicants for loans up to 50,000 cedis.

Zidisha Loans is a peer-to-peer lending platform that works via the internet.



Zidisha is an online platform that allows people to raise finance for their ideas and enterprises from those who are prepared to give money to entrepreneurs who are in desperate need of it.


The only requirements for such a large sum of money are your business purpose, target market, repayment plan, and a mandatory 40 cedis payment for loan processing.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website



Fido Loan App

Fido loans  Ghana operates on trust, with a mobile application that allows consumers to apply for loans and receive loans using their mobile money wallet. To get a Fido loan, applicants do not need to produce any proof of collateral.

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An ID card, household information, and employment information are the only documents necessary for a loan with Fido, and they are used in the registration process.


If you are found to be eligible for the loan amount you requested, you will receive the funds in your mobile wallet in a matter of minutes.


How to borrow money using Fido Loan Apk

  1. First, go to the Google Play Store and download the Fido Mobile Apk.
  2. Download the app and register with your correct information.
  3. Complete the loan application via the mobile app with accurate information.
  4. If your loan is approved, the funds will be deposited into your bank account.


Apply for fido loan online

Individuals who want to take out larger loans must first take out smaller loans and repay them on time to establish a credit history with the company and qualify for larger loans. Download the app on the Google playstore



Carbon (Now  Paylater Ghana)

Pay Later or Carbon is one of Ghana’s most reputable online lending providers. Individuals from all economic and social backgrounds are eligible for loans from the company.


All loan requests, processing, and payments are handled using Carbon’s Android platform mobile app.


You can borrow anything from 5 cedis to 1,000 cedis without having to put up any collateral.



As a loan application, all that is required of you is your biographical information, a photograph, information about your employment, and the loan amount you desire.


Your money is sent via the mobile wallet you applied with once your loan has been evaluated and you have passed the review process.


Surprisingly, there is no additional fee if you miss your repayment date. The only penalty is that the next time you need a loan, you may not be able to receive one from them.

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Get their app from the Google Playstore right now.


How to Apply for a Paylater Loan in Ghana

You may receive a Paylater loan by doing the following:

  • Search the paylater ghana app and download it from the Google Play Store.
  • Install the app and run it.
  • Make an account with your accurate information.
  • Fill out the loan application on the app.
  • Fill out the form and wait for it to be reviewed.


MTN Quick loan

This is one of the most popular lending services currently accessible, however, it is only available to consumers who have MTN Mobile Money wallets.


You can acquire a loan of up to 1,000 cedis using your MTN mobile money wallet in as little as 5 minutes with this loan.


You must be an active MTN mobile money customer who has purchased airtime and data from your wallet as well as sent and received money through the same wallet in the previous six months.


You do not need to provide any collateral after you qualify for this offer because everything is done through a USSD code that can be accessed on any phone


How to Apply for MTN Quick Loan in Ghana

Getting a loan from MTN Mobile Money is a simple process. To obtain a loan, simply follow the steps outlined below.


  • Dial the quick loan mtn code *170#
  • Select option 5
  • Select 3 for the loan option
  • Choose 1 for Qwikloan
  • Select 1 to Request a Loan
  • Choose amount
  • Confirm repayment plan
  • Then enter your MoMo Pin to complete the process



OZÉ collaborates with financial institutions and fintech to provide small business loans to users that use the OZÉ Business App regularly and have completed the loan application and passed the Loan Prep Process.


OZE is willing to pay up to 10,000 Ghana Cedis. The interest rate on these brief loans in Ghana is as low as 3% per month on the amount borrowed. The loan can be repaid over 12 months in installments.



An applicant must have used the OZE App for at least 30 days to be considered for the loan. After 30 days, you must contact an OZE Coach, who will email you an Application form and check your Mobile Money statement, allowing you to begin the process right away


How to apply for OZE SME loan

  • Search the OZE App and download it from the Google Play Store.
  • Install the app and run it.
  • Make an account with your accurate information.
  • Be active on the app for a maximum of 30 Days
  • Fill out the loan application with this form.
  • Wait for your momo statements to be reviewed


Our ambitions, needs, and wants to expand as we grow older, and it becomes vital to seek financial support to keep up with them.


Approaching lending firms is a surefire strategy to obtain financial aid. Unfortunately, most loan businesses demand applicants to provide collateral before they are approved for a loan.


This is not only infuriating but also inconvenient because the collateral is usually found at the end of the process.


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How can I get a loan in Ghana without collateral?

You can try out these companies to see if you can acquire a loan without putting up any collateral.

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  1. I have made.payment of my MTN ahumka loan but I try taking another loan and they keep on saying am owning please I have made full payment and they still pick 45 cedis from my account please help me out


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