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What Happens When You Root Your Phone?



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So, you just got yourself a new smartphone. It is fresh and shiny. You can easily go online from it while you’re out and about and download cool apps to keep you company whenever you get bored. But can you download any app you want? What about custom themes? And did you ever feel like altering or replacing system applications and settings on your phone because they’re not so user-friendly? Well, the thing is you can do whatever you want with your smartphone but the consequences.


The Android phone that you love and enjoy is running an operating system that was designed for commercial and private use. Like most any operating system, several features have been disabled, either for future use or to prevent a casual user from causing permanent damage to the operating system. Rooting is the process in which limitations are removed and full access to the operating system is allowed.


Rooting allows you to remove barriers and open Android to a level of unprecedented control. With rooting, you can control almost every aspect of your device and make the software work the way you want it. Even with the codes written, you can make amends to them.

So here are the basic things that happen when you root your android phone.

You lose out on the warranty once you root your phone. There are points to rooting your android phone. it’s legal to root your phone; however, if you do it, your device gets straight out of warranty.

For security reasons, phone manufacturers and mobile network operators impose software limitations. However, these limitations can be overruled by rooting your Android phone, although it is not advisable. Especially if you don’t have antivirus for Android installed, to protect you from mobile malware.


Once your phone is rooted it’s easy to modify the codes within the OS and with this you can easily turn your phone into brick. Not as a brick of a building but any slight thing can change the whole coding system and can make your phone useless as a brick.

Although the intention of rooting a phone is to improve the phone’s performance, some users have found that, in their attempts to speed up the phone or add additional features, the phones lost both performance speed and features.



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