The Year Of Folds - Samsung and Huawei Clash For Supremacy
The Year Of Folds - Samsung and Huawei Clash For Supremacy Galaxy Fold Mate X



Now, it has arrived, the long awaiting rivalry competition among android phones. It is still early in 2019 and as usual, this is always the moment for Samsung to release its packages of phones designed for its users. But this time Huawei joined the race.

Not to pry but Huawei came into the picture after their Mate 20 Pro got so much attention and now Mate X their new foldable phone. We won’t include iPhone as they are yet to release new phones for 2019. The race at the moment is between Huawei and Samsung so far as their latest phone is concerned.


Both Samsung and Huawei launched their phones in February 2019. Samsung had a live event on 20th February 2019 to unpack its new devices which is the Galaxy S10 Series and the Galaxy Fold. Huawei also released its specs and design of the new phone which is the Mate X and it is expected to be in the market Mid-year of 2019. Brace yourself though, as Samsung has made it clear that the Galaxy Fold is a premium device, and it certainly has the price tag to back up that claim. For now, we know Samsung s10 and fold will be out by April 26 in the US and after a week in the UK.


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Samsung & Huawei lead 5G Race

The amazing thing is how these 5G phones have grabbed the attention of phone users and the phone market. The Samsung Galaxy Fold price is a staggering $1,980 (€2,000), making it comfortably more expensive than pretty much every other mainstream smartphone on the market. Also, the Huawei Mate X is expected to be one of the most expensive phones in 2019 with a price of not less than $2,600.

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The Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X have close features. Huawei beats Samsung in the screen size and dimension but when it comes to the processors, Samsung is at high speed. Although we know the Huawei has a 40mega pixel while Samsung has 16mega pixel it is highly impossible that Samsung won’t be a match to it. Numbers can’t define the quality. Nothing really changes the fact that Samsung has been in the market for a long time and their rival is Apple but now Huawei seems to have brought a tremendous one. They both look good and have close features but the feel to have one of them is also another issue.


We can’t wait to have these 5G devices to feel every corner of the phone and how amazing it may work.

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