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Vodafone Reversal Cash Ghana or Vodafone Mobile money is a service that stores funds in a secure electronic account, linked to a mobile phone number, also send and retrieve with Vodafone cash code.

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In some cases, the mobile money number will be the same as the phone number, but not always. Mobile money is often provided by the same companies that run the country’s mobile phone services and is available to both pre-pay and contract customers.

Mtn Mobile Money Ghana – How To Recover Your Money after Wrong Transactions

Off late,  it’s so common to make mistakes during transactions or to make the wrong transactions when sending money using the E-money transfer services provided by our telecommunication networks.

vodafone cash ghana

Sometimes we get so lucky that when we trace the transaction to the person who it was wrongfully sent, they make sure we get it back and that is usually rare because not all human has that same kind heart to feel for us during those times.

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There are a lot of bad guys out there these days due to economic hardships and with just one mistake, they will withdraw the money which was wrongfully sent to them.

Getting it done with The  Vodafone Cash Code

Vodafone Cash Ghana Offers Wrong Transactions Reversal Option. I made an incorrect transaction with an unknown number. Using Vodafone Cash, I mistakenly bought airtime with the wrong number. Are you familiar with any of the situations given above? No more concerns, you can now submit cash to Vodafone Cash without fear of losing it in the wrong transaction.

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Just like MTN Ghana, which helps you to transfer mobile money to your MTN Mobile Money wallet for airtime and can also reverse the airtime. But Vodafone Ghana helps you to withdraw cash sent by Vodafone Cash.

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Vodafone Ghana, one of the fastest-growing telecommunication networks in Ghana, has launched a new option to reverse incorrect transactions on its ‘Vodafone Cash’ e-money platform.

How to Undo a Wrong Vodafone Cash Ghana Transaction

vodafone cash code

In a case in which they sent money to an incorrect number and recovered it by contacting the owners of the number, several subscribers became victims.

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Therefore, it is good news that Vodafone Ghana has launched on its e-money transfer platform the Vodafone Cash incorrect transfer reversal option to allow subscribers to recover their money once they make a wrong transaction.

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Steps to Reverse a Wrong Transaction Using this Vodafone Cash Code

This is what you need to do immediately you make a wrong transaction; follow these 4 simple steps below:

  1. Dial *110#
  2. Select option 6 (My Account)
  3. Choose option 7 (Self Service)
  4. Select 2 (Self Reversal) to initiate a reversal of the wrong transaction.

Kindly note that this can be done only for transactions that were made from your Vodafone Cash account to another Vodafone cash number only.

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How do I reverse a Vodafone cash transaction?

1. Dial *110# 2. Select option 6 (My Account) 3. Choose option 7 (Self Service) 4. Select 2 (Self Reversal) to initiate a reversal of the wrong transaction.



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