Vodafone 4G Mifi Price in Ghana, Data, & Check Balance [2022]

vodafone ghana mifi




Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana Mifi is a portable network device that allows connecting to the internet to up to 5 wifi-enabled devices. These include Mobile phones, gaming consoles, TV, Personal Computers (PC), Tablet device, etc.




Vodafone Ghana Mifi

Portable means it can be taken along with you where ever you are going, you just have to have a USB charger available to be connected to a power outlet, network availability then you can share the network with other wifi-enabled devices.



Just two (2) types of Vodafone Mifi are available and they are;

  • 4G Mifi R18
  • 3G Mifi R207






 Benefits of Vodafone 4G Mifi

  • Provides stable internet connection, saves time, and ensures productivity
  • Ability to connect to more devices, unlike smartphones hotspot the Vodafone MiFi helps connect to more wifi, and enable devices.
  • With the help of the Wifi connection, you don’t need a USB to connect. Just turn it on and it is ready to be connected to
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What to do After Buying Your Vodafone Mifi

Charge up the battery until the battery indicator shows it is fully charged. Take note of the four (4) indicators on the MiFi device. These are the network indicator, the wifi indicator, the SMS indicator, and the battery indicator.

With the network indicator, the signal turns blue when the MiFi is connected to the network, it then turns red when the Mifi is connecting to the network.

The battery, on the other hand, turns blue when the battery capacity is above 50% also turns red when below 50%


vodafone ghana mifi




More on Vodafone Internet Packages





How to connect Your Vodafone 4G Mifi to PC 

  • Turn on the MiFi
  • Go to your network settings on your PC or Laptop
  • Select through your Mifi network to see available networks
  • Identify your network ID on the available networks, click connect and type in the security key (spot the security key at the back of the Mifi)
  • Enter the key to getting connected to your Mifi Network
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How to connect your phone to Vodafone 4G Mifi

  • Tap the setting on your phone and turn on your Wifi Connection
  • Identify your network ID on the available networks, click connect and type in the security key (spot the security key at the back of the Mifi)




How to check Vodafone Mifi balance

  • Remove the sim card inside the Mifi, and insert it into any available mobile phone. You can check the amount of data bundle available through the mobile phone.



Vodafone MiFi bundles

All Vodafone Mifi comes with a sim card to use with the Mifi. This helps to check available data, purchase and network connectivity, and so on.



How to bundle on Vodafone Ghana Mifi using Vodafone Cash

  • Dial *110#
  • Select 3: Buy Airtime and Bundles
  • Select your preferred bundle
  • Enter Pin
  • Confirm payment


If you’re looking to get yourself a Mifi, we hope this article will help you in choosing Vodafone Mifi.

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How does Vodafone MiFI work?

With Vodafone MiFi, you can use Wi-Fi to connect several devices at once, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Your Router will connect to Vodafone’s high-speed mobile broadband data network and then set up a Wi-Fi network for you when you turn it on.

How long does Vodafone MiFi Last?

The Vodafone MiFi has a device speed of HSPA+ 21.6 Mbps and
a 5.7 Mbps upload speed. how long your data will last depends on
how you use your internet. streaming Netflix shows and the likes
will likely drain your data very fast.

Which is better MiFi or WiFi?

Using a MiFi hotspot to connect to the internet on your smartphone really extends the battery life. WiFi isn’t as power-hungry as cellular radios; utilizing MiFi will drain your smartphone of much less power than using a MiFi.


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