Vodafone Unlimited Bundles, Cheap Data, and Codes [2022]

vodafone unlimited bundles



The idea of this article is to compile a list of all current Vodafone Ghana internet bundle packages, inexpensive offers, tips, and other related information in Ghana.


When it comes to internet data, Vodafone internet is what I look at times. The following are the Vodafone packages that are currently available:


Vodafone Cash Special Offer

This is one of the most popular data packages. Subscribing is really simple. All you have to do is sign up for Vodafone cash. The following are the packages available, as well as instructions on how to sign up:


Offer Price
350MB GHS 2.00
450MB GHS 2.15
1.5GB GHS 3.25



How do I get a bundle on Vodafone?

  • Dial *110# on your phone
  • Select option 3
  • Choose option 3 for (Special Offer)
  • Select option 1 or 2 for others
  • Choose your Vodafone desired package
  • Enter your Vodafone Cash pin code to buy your packages


Do you prefer an unlimited subscription or a low-cost browsing package for your internet requirements? Vodafone has some fantastic data bundle deals for you.

Vodafone Ghana, a telecommunications behemoth in Ghana, offers one of the most affordable internet bundle deals in the country.


Whether you’re a “YouTuber,” “streamer,” “Netflix junkie,” or just a regular web user, there’s a Vodafone package deal for you.


This article discusses all of the current Vodafone data deals in Ghana, as well as how to acquire cheap data plans on the Vodafone Ghana network.

Vodafone offers standard internet packages, promotional packages, the made4me offer, Vodafone red call bundles, Bossu data plans, and a Vodafone cash special offer.

Let’s have a look at the Vodafone Ghana data bundle packages, their costs, data volume, and how to subscribe to each of them without spending any time.


To simply navigate through this article, use the list.



Vodafone Normal bundle packages.

*700# is the Vodafone data bundle package code. You’ll be given a list of all possible packages, ranging invalidity from one week to one month. To get access to the Vodafone Ghana internet bundle plan, go to www.vodafone.com/ghana


  • Dial *700# on your phone
  • Choose option 1 (buy internet package)
  • Select your preferred bundle package.

Let’s have a look at the data packages listed below.


Vodafone Daily Internet Data Packages

25MB GHS 0.50 1
550MB GHS 2 1
1GB GHS 5 2




Vodafone Weekly Internet Packages 

80MB GHS 2 7
450MB GHS 5 7
1.5GB 10 7
4GB 20 7



Vodafone Ghana Monthly Bundles

2GB 20 30
4GB GHS 40 30
5.5GB GHS 60 30
10GB GHS 100 30




Vodafone Jumbo Bundles

This package is suitable for people that use a lot of data. With this fantastic bundle deal, you may download movies, watch live matches, and more.

20GB 199
100GB 299
200GB 399



Vodafone Hourly Bundle Package.

This Vodafone bundle deal is useful when you only need to go online for a short time to complete a task. Simply phone *700# to acquire a Vodafone Ghana hourly bundle.

500MB 1 1
2GB 2 1




The Night King Bundles.

This is one of Vodafone’s most attractive browsing deals. The finest internet bundle is getting 7.5GB for just 5 cedis.

They have two offers in this package. View the list below.

7.5GB 5 12 am – 4 am
2GB 2 12 am – 4 am



Let’s look at some of the additional special Vodafone Ghana data bundle packages now that we’ve covered the basic Vodafone Ghana data bundle packages.


Vodafone Bossu Data Packages.

Another fascinating package is the bossu bundles, which provides clients with large data rates and phone minutes to all networks at very low pricing. This deal is only known by a few Vodafone consumers. To take advantage of the Vodafone Bossu deal, dial *5588# and follow the directions. The data volume and associated fees for this deal are listed below.


Offer Name Data and Call Volume Cost Days before expiry
Bossu daily 100 mins to call all networks + 100MB GHs 2 one day
Bossu data 1 3.5GB GHs 10 5 days
Bossu data 2 10GB GHs 15 15 days


Bossu Weekend5GB + 300 mins to all networks. For Saturday and Sunday 5 Cedis Weekends, you receive 2.5 GB and 150 minutes each.


 Vodafone Made4Me Offer

The made4me offer is a unique bundle for Vodafone customers depending on their internet use over a set length of time. 2GB for 3 days, 5 GB for 5 days, 700MB for a day, 1GB for 3 days, and other Vodafone Made4Me packages are available. Continue to use Vodafone to obtain fantastic Made4Me deals.


vodafone unlimited bundles


Vodafone 2 Much Data.

An exciting package that gives you enough data bundle for browsing calls and SMS. Check out the packages below.

  • 5GB + 1.5GB for Night = GHC 10 for 15 days
  • 4GB + 4GB for Night = GHS 20 for 30 days
  • 10GB + 10GB for Night = GHC 50 For 30 days.


Vodafone Special Offer on Vodafone Cash Only.

 We have taken you through how to obtain 1.5GB of data for only 3 cedis. To take advantage of the Vodafone Cash special bundle deal, you must first sign up for Vodafone Cash. Below are the bundle packages available as part of this special deal.


500MB 1.60 1 DAY
600MB 2.15 1 DAY
1.5GB 3.25 1 day



Other special data offered by Vodafone Ghana.

Customers may get 20GB of data for GHC 60 for a period of 30 days with this special data deal. To take advantage of this deal, dial *5000# and follow the on-screen instructions. Thank you very much.


More on Vodafone Ghana Internet


Vodafone Call Bundles

Vodafone Ghana offers unique packages for calls to any Vodafone subscriber as well as calls to other networks. All of the call packages are available on Vodafone RED.


The Vodafone Broadband Internet Packages.

Vodafone Ghana offers broadband packages that allow companies and people to stay connected to the internet at all times.

This article does not cover all the Vodafone broadband bundles available but at least we hope this helps.


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How do I get unlimited bundles on Vodafone?

Simply dial *700# for no expiry or unlimited bundles you can choose from.


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