Why Ghanaian Millennials Prefer iPhone to Android


why do people prefer iPhone

In recent times, people have grown to prefer the use of the iPhone to the use of android phones. One will say the pride of using an Apple device like the iPhone 11 pro seems to be a badge of honor and in some way gives one respect from people just because he/she uses the device.


Here are some reasons why Ghanaian Millennials prefer to use an iPhone over an Android phone.


Recent technological advancement has made it clear in this generation that the uniqueness of an iPhone camera gives it an upper edge over any other android phone.


Though some Android phones may claim to have better or higher picture quality and resolution, it all comes down to the fact that iPhone’s camera uniqueness beats theirs by the lot.


iphone 11 pro
iPhone 11 Camera


Another uniqueness of the iPhone which separates it from the rest of the phones is the use of its operating system, which in my opinion, makes the use of the iPhone very simple and easy to use.

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Gone were the days when people didn’t know the beauty of smartphones, they thought using an iPhone was a headache but now I can confidently say it is not so.


It is not as though they have added more buttons or navigations on the phone for its use to be simple but it has been simple always to use and now people have seen its simplicity and mostly want to use that and nothing more.


Also, these Millennials prefer to use iPhone over android because of its design and color of the phone.


I am guessing people will be shocked but it is the truth. The beauty of the phone has drawn so much attention to it that it has made it unique.


I say this because the recent release of various android phones has shown, if not the same design, a similar design to the iPhone having an operating system of android.

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You only do that when you want to gain more users which is the main and only reason to do that. One can immediately discern between an iPhone and the rest of the bunch because of its sleek true form


Another reason Ghanaian Millennials prefer the iPhone to the android is because of prestige. I say this because when one uses the latest brand of iPhone such as the 11 pros, people see it as a sign of maturity and a sense of wealth. People respect you for using that kind of phone because of the luxurious status it has.


Android phones are making rapid and alarming progress but one thing remains they will force us to catch up and that is convincing Ghanaians to choose Android over iPhone which I believe time will tell.

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