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AI won’t replace creative jobs just as the invention of the camera didn’t make paintings obsolete, Adobe executive Says.

Workers are becoming more anxious about the possibility of AI replacing them as more companies implement AI capabilities, but one Adobe executive isn’t so sure, comparing AI breakthroughs to the creation of the camera.

In an interview with Fortune, Adobe chief Ashley Still stated that advances in AI won’t eliminate the need for creative professions.

Still linked the development of AI to how the camera affected art.

Workers are alarmed about the hasty adoption of AI by firms across industries.

After the software business launched hundreds of new AI features integrated into its design tools on Tuesday, Ashley Still, senior vice president of digital media at Adobe, told Fortune that she didn’t believe AI will eliminate graphic design employment.

Consider the development of the camera, Still urged. “People anticipated that painting would disappear, but that didn’t happen. Just that a brand-new category of content has formed.

Still said that although the development of digital cameras made it possible for more people to snap pictures, the demand for skilled photographers has not decreased.

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On Tuesday, Adobe added new AI functionality to its assortment of Creative Cloud products, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. New features include the ability to convert text into templates and text-based editing in 45 different languages. Users will be able to enter text descriptions in order to create editable templates.

To guide such AI in the right direction, businesses will still require design-focused personnel, and in the end, designers will use the tools more effectively than the typical user because “they understand how to construct an idea, even if it’s through text prompts,” Still told Fortune.

Businesses from a wide range of industries are scrambling to implement AI. For instance, fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Wingstop are automating some customer care tasks by utilizing voice bots powered by AI to accept orders over the phone and through the drive thru.

The worry of AI snatching their employment has grown among US workers as a result of these changes. In a Gallup survey conducted in September, 22% of college-educated professionals expressed anxiety about being replaced by technology like AI.

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Some, however, point out that despite the fact that AI is on the rise and improving corporate efficiency, there will always be a need for human workers to oversee AI and make sure systems are functioning effectively.

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Kwesi Afful
Kwesi Afful
Jefferson Paa Kwesi Afful, known professionally as Kwesi Afful, is a Ghanaian celebrity / Tech blogger, freelance journalist and an inspirational writer. He holds a degree in B.A Communication Studies from the Ghana Institute of Journalism. Kwesi Afful is the 2019 C-Base Awards Blogger of the year.


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